Superior Hiking Trail

Kadunce River State Wayside to Judge C.R. Magney State Park


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          Cook County  
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Kadunce River State Wayside
(no overnight parking)
N47 47.638, W90 9.241




Guidebooks and maps are available for purchase through the Superior Hiking Trail Association.

SHT Map Series F: Pincushion Mountain Trailhead to Northern Terminus

The Trail Atlas of the Superior Hiking Trail, a comprehensive map set for the entire Superior Hiking Trail, is available for purchase in digital format for use in the Avenza Maps app on IOS and Android.

Trail Atlas of the Superior Hiking Trail

The Superior Hiking Trail Databook contains no maps but it has mileages between campsites, water sources, overlooks, and other points of interest on the trail. It is available for purchase through the Superior Hiking Trail Association.

Superior Hiking Trail Databook






Ownership and Management

  Superior Hiking Trail Association  

Superior Hiking Trail Association




Superior Hiking Trail Association: GRAND MARAIS TO 270 DEGREE OVERLOOK

Superior Hiking Trail (MinnesotaSeasons)




No fee




June to February

The trail may be closed for two weeks each November during deer hunting season.

People are asked to stay off trails during spring thaw, which is from March to May. Trails are muddy or saturated at this time, and are particularly sensitive to damage.




Hiking, backpacking, trail running, and snowshoeing




Total trail mileage: 10.0 miles

Through-hiking: 9.3 miles

Kadunce River Spur: 0.7 mile




Natural surface






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Kadunce River Spur

    Superior Hiking Trail   Superior Hiking Trail  






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Other Videos
  Superior Hiking Trail - Grand Marais to Judge Magney
Midwest Backpacker

Sep 23, 2019

A relaxing solo late summer hike from Grand Marais to Judge Magney State Park. Early fall colors and comfortable temperatures made this trip enjoyable.

After getting a late start on day one hiked to Pincushion Mountain overlook (amazing!) and continued on through Devils Track to Woods Creek. A total of 6 miles.

On Day two, I hiked from Woods Creek though many creeks, meadows and rivers, and the lake walk to Brule River. Despite having to wade through Lake Superior (for a short distance) due to high water, the lake walk was very relaxing. It was about 16 miles.

On Day 3, I slept in and then hiked the few miles to Judge Magney State Park. With time to spare until my shuttle arrived, I hiked up to the Devil's Kettle.

  Superior Hiking Trail - Grand Marais to Judge Magney State Park
Bic's Life

Oct 24, 2016

Another adventure with Bic and friends on the Superior Hiking Trail along the north shore of Lake Superior in northern Minnesota! We hike from Grand Marais near Pin Cushion Mountain north to Judge Magney State Park. We hit some of the trail's highlights like Devil track river and canyon as well as the lake walk!

  KADUNCE RIVER TRAIL- Superior Hiking Trail Spur | Grand Marais Hiking
Jodi Middendorf

Nov 8, 2021

This river hiking trail near Grand Marais MN on the North Shore of Lake Superior is a lesser known hike. It is gorgeous and will take you to the Superior Hiking Trail if you want to hike even longer than the .9 miles to the bridge that we saw. Hiking near Grand Marais and the Gunflint Trail is my favorite, so enjoy!

I camp and hike in and around the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. I also guide Boundary Waters Retreats! In the Superior National Forest, in Northern Minnesota. And anywhere else I can venture to! I love sharing the journey with you all.

Thank you for subscribing, it means a lot to me.

  Superior Hiking Trail (Kadunce River Camp) - MN - September 2017
A Year In Camping

Sep 27, 2017

We did a quick overnighter up on the Superior Hiking Trail near Grand Marais. It is about a 4 hour drive from Mpls. Temps were floating around 73º during the day and 63º at night in the middle of September which was crazy. The Humidity was between 80% and 100%.

It was a short hike in from the parking lot. There were a lot of fellow hikers enjoying the start of fall colors. We got to our campsite in the early afternoon in preparation for some potential rain that never came. At 1:00am the rain did come through making the humidity rise up. Even though it was muggy I still managed to sleep the rest of the night.

This site has limited hammock hanging spots for 11ft hammocks. A lot of the trees surrounding the area were rotting birch, so we had to be careful where we hanged. Overall a nice short trip.

  West Fork Kadunce Campsite SHT

Jul 21, 2021

Camp Setup - Superior Hiking Trail




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