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Lilydale Regional Park lies on the south bank of the Mississippi River south of St. Paul. Its 286 acres of river bottom forest are prone to flooding in the spring. It is this seasonal flooding that eventually convinced the residents of the town of Lilydale, established in 1896, to relocate to the top of the bluff. The presence of spruces and lilacs among the usual floodplain trees testifies to the areas urban past. In the summer, lily pads dot the surface of Pickerel Lake.

Lilydale Regional Park is part of the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area (MNRRA). MNRRA, pronounced “minnra”, is a partnership park, a new and unique kind of national park. It is a 72-mile, 53,775 acre corridor along the Mississippi River stretching from Weigh Station Highway Park on US Highway 10 in Ramsey to the Dakota County/Goodhue County border. Only two small parcels are owned by the National Park Service.
















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285.7 acres




400 Water St.
Saint Paul, MN 55108 (?)

950 Lilydale Rd.
Saint Paul, MN 55118

N44 55.038, W93 7.675




Sunrise to 10:00 p.m., unless otherwise posted.




No fee


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          Dakota and Ramsey Counties  
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Ecological Classification

  Ecological Classification  
  Ecological Province    

Eastern Broadleaf Forest Province

  Ecological Section    

Minnesota & NE Iowa Morainal

  Ecological Subsection    

St. Paul-Baldwin Plains and Moraines

  Land Type Association    

Pig's Eye Alluvial Plain


Native Plant Communities*



  * Source: The Minnesota Biological Survey, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Ecological Resources      

Natural Features








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Kirk Nelson


Websites that describe the park:  and

    Mississippi River boat launch area   Lilydale Regional Park  
        Lilydale Regional Park  
    Pickerel Lake sign   Lilydale Regional Park  
    Pickerel Lake parking lot   Lilydale Regional Park  
    Pickerel Lake boat launch   Lilydale Regional Park  
    south end   Lilydale Regional Park  

Lilydale Regional Park lies in both cities of Lilydale (Dakota County) and St. Paul (Ramsey County).

    An eagle’s nest sits above Pickerel Lake right by the railroad tracks.   Lilydale Regional Park  
    The railroad bridge constricts the flow of all traffic.   Lilydale Regional Park  
    The road through the park used to go over the stone bridge.   Lilydale Regional Park  
    Now, the road has been diverted away from the river, and the stone bridge is used for the walk/bike trail.   Lilydale Regional Park  

The Brickyard Trail leads to the site of the old Twin Cities Brick Company:

Because of the potential for landslides in the area, visitors are warned to stay only on the marked trails.

    Brickyard Trail lot sign   Lilydale Regional Park  
    Brickyard Trail parking lot   Lilydale Regional Park  
    Brickyard Trail sign   Lilydale Regional Park  
    Brickyard Trail   Lilydale Regional Park  





Lilydale Park
Tony Ernst
  Lilydale Park  



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  Lilydale Park Gateway Groundbreaking
City of Saint Paul Communications Services

Uploaded on Oct 25, 2011

The Saint Paul Parks Conservancy raised over $500,000 to improve parklands and facilities in Lilydale Regional Park. City and Conservancy leaders broke ground on a new gateway monument on October 21, 2011.




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  southern blue flag (Iris virginica var. shrevei)   southern blue flag  





eBird Field Checklist (Complete)

eBird Field Checklist (Mississippi River Boat Landing)

eBird Field Checklist (Pickerel Lake Boat Ramp)




One fish species with conservation status in Minnesota has been seen here:

Special Concern

blue sucker (Cycleptus elongatus)


Minnesota Biodiversity Atlas Fishes List


Fungi and Lichens


Minnesota Biodiversity Atlas Lichens List


Insects and Arachnids


Minnesota Bee Atlas




Minnesota Biodiversity Atlas and Minnesota Biological Survey Vegetation Releves Plant List





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