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The goals of this website are twofold. The first goal is to provide information on flora, fauna, and fungi occurring naturally (outside of cultivation) within the state. The information provided should be sufficient to enable a viewer to identify a taxon to the species, subspecies, and/or variety. Photos are included when available.

The second goal is to provide information on sites in Minnesota where flora, fauna, and fungi can be viewed in their natural habitat by the interested public. Maps have been created for many sites where no maps are otherwise available.

Nature Tourism in Minnesota

In 2004 the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources funded an Outdoor Recreation Participation Survey of Minnesotans. Among the findings: 18% of Minnesotans participate in “Viewing, identifying or photographing wildflowers, trees, and natural vegetation.” This Web site is designed to be a resource for those 18% of Minnesotans.


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Website Administrator

This site is maintained by John Valo, an amateur naturalist, plant enthusiast, and “SNAer” living in the Twin Cities. He is the former site steward for Savage Fen Scientific and Natural Area (SNA) and Des Moines River SNA.





nature tourism

Experiencing natural places where flora and fauna are the primary attractions through outdoor activities that have minimal impact on the environment.



Pronounced snay’-er. A person who visits scientific and natural areas (SNAs). If you are looking at this page to plan a trip, then you may be a SNAer.


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