Minnesota Arachnids


Order Arachnida

Arachnida (arachnids) is a class of the kingdom Animalia (animals). Arachnids are distinguished by having

  • two body sections, the cephalothorax (head and body fused together) and the abdomen
  • jointed appendages
  • eight legs (In some species the front legs have been converted into sensory organs. Some species have different appendages that are large and have the appearance of legs.)
  • pointed fang-like or pincer-like mouthparts (chelicerae)
  • finger-like sensory mouthparts (pedipalps)
  • no wings
  • no antennae


There are more than 100,000 described arachnid species worldwide. The class includes spiders, scorpions, ticks, mites, pseudoscorpions, harvestmen, camel spiders, whip spiders, vinegaroons, and others.

  banded argiope  

Harvestmen (Opiliones)


Mites and Ticks (Acari)


Spiders (Araneae)










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