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Jay Cooke State Park

Magney-Snively Natural Area

Magney-Snively Park

Minnesota Point Pine Forest SNA

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St. Louis River Estuary is an area, not a site. Its 12,000 acres encompasses the estuary of the St. Louis River, lowland conifer forest, northern hardwood forest, old growth upland red pine forest, aspen-spruce-fir forest, peatland, and beach dunes. Included within its borders in Minnesota is a scientific and natural area, two island wildlife management areas, part of a state park, a ski and recreation area, a small city park on a baymouth bar, and a large city park within an even larger natural area.
















Jay Cooke State Park Summer Map

Magney-Snively Natural Area

Minnesota Point Pine Forest SNA Detail map (MN DNR)


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Minnesota Point Pine Forest SNA

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12,000 acres




Jay Cooke State Park
780 Highway 210
Carlton, MN 55718
N46 39.274, W92 22.330

Magney-Snively Natural Area / Magney-Snively Park
West Skyline Parkway
Duluth, MN
N46 42.115, W92 13.613

Minnesota Point Pine Forest SNA
N46 43.632, W92 2.846

Park Point Recreation Area
45th Street & Minnesota Avenue
Duluth, MN
N46 43.927, W92 3.224


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          St. Louis and Carlton Counties Minnesota, and Douglas County Wisconsin  
          Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin  

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Ecological Classification

  Ecological Classification  
  Ecological Province    

Laurentian Mixed Forest Province

  Ecological Section    

Northern Superior Uplands

Southern Superior Uplands

  Ecological Subsection    

Glacial Lake Superior Plain

North Shore Highlands

  Land Type Association    

Douglas Lake-Modified Till Plain

Split Rock Till Plain


Native Plant Communities*



  * Source: The Minnesota Biological Survey, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Ecological Resources      

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Other Videos
  The St. Louis River Estuary, Our Home
St. Louis River Alliance

Premiered Jun 9, 2020

The St. Louis River Estuary. Our home.

The reason the St. Louis River Alliance exists, the motivation of our mission, the passion behind our dedication to protecting, restoring and enhancing this abundant resource for generations to come!

We are proud to present this captivating video to our community. After years of hardwork, we are finding new ways to tell our story, and the visuals showcased in this film are a tribute to the River that provides so much for our well-being.

We are discovering how we can live and thrive, together.

We are learning what it means to care for our home, what it means to rekindle our relationships to our source of life, and we are witnessing the sparkling renewal and healing that is brought back to our communities by doing so.

The original vision of the shimmering river that turns in to Lake Superior is reborn. We invite you to come home to the River.

Thank you Old Saw Media for making this beautiful film that will help us share our story.

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  A Short Trip Down the St Louis River Estuary
Lake Superior Reserve

Feb 8, 2021

Paddle along with education specialist Ryan Feldbrugge to get the lay of the land and water in the St. Louis River Estuary.

Dedicated to research, education, outreach and stewardship, the Lake Superior Reserve encompasses over 16,000 acres of land and water along the St. Louis River estuary and Lake Superior. Based on the UW-Superior campus, it is part of the University of Wisconsin- Madison Division of Extension with support from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Office for Coastal Management. The Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve is part of a network of 29 Reserves in the United States.

  St. Louis River Estuary National Water Trail
St. Louis River Alliance

Premiered Sep 11, 2020

At the headwaters of Lake Superior lies the Nation’s largest freshwater estuary. Flowing between Minnesota and Wisconsin, the St Louis River Estuary has a rich history.

Unfortunately, Due to unregulated industrial dumping, the St. Louis River was one of the most polluted waterways in the United States. Though after decades of work the River is slowly returning to health.

The St. Louis River Estuary National Water Trail project is a direct result of a cleaner river. The National Water Trail is a multi-use waterway enabling the public to experience the St. Louis River Estuary amidst the urban landscape of the Twin Ports. The Water Trail includes 11 loop trails for paddlers of all skill levels and abilities and is intended for various watercraft use.

By providing access to wild space in an urban area, the Water trail enables more people an opportunity to build their own memories and relationships to the St. Louis River.

As proud managers of the National Water Trail, the St. Louis River Alliance is leading a working group of representatives from MN and WI to ensure its success.

The St. Louis River Alliance is a membership organization of river stewards working together to restore, protect and enhance the St. Louis River.

Support the Water Trail by becoming a member today!

  Solving the St. Louis River Estuary’s Mercury Problem
Minnesota Sea Grant

Jan 29, 2018

Graduate student Amber White explains how Sea Grant-funding is allowing researchers to understand variable methylmercury levels in the St. Louis River and its estuary.

  St. Louis River Estuary 2012

Published on Sep 12, 2012

No description available.

  TPFF: Exploring an Urban Treasure, The St. Louis River Estuary National Water Trail
St. Louis River Alliance

Nov 3, 2021

Recorded on November 3rd, 2021 as a part of the Twin Ports Freshwater Folk (TPFF) webinar Series, hosted by Minnesota Sea Grant (MNSG).

Have you heard about the St. Louis River Estuary NATIONAL Water Trail? It's kind of a big deal! Executive Director of the St. Louis River Alliance, Kris Eilers, presents 'Exploring an Urban Treasure: The St. Louis River Estuary National Water Trail'. During this presentation she shares the progress being made on the trail and future goals!

TPFF webinars are for people in the Twin Ports communities of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin, or anyone engaged in freshwater research, policy, or management.

Twin Ports Freshwater Folk meetings are the first Wednesday of every month and include networking and informal discussion followed by a presentation on a freshwater topic.

This webinar series is sponsored by Minnesota Sea Grant, the Natural Resources Research Institute, the Large Lakes Observatory, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and the Great Lakes Toxicology and Ecology Division of United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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