Fan-shaped Jelly Fungus

(Dacrymyces spathularia)

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Fan-shaped Jelly Fungus
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Fan-shaped Jelly Fungus is a widespread but not common edible fungus. It occurs in southern Africa, southern and eastern Asia, Australia, and North and South America. In the United States it occurs east of the Great Plains and in the Pacific Northwest. It grows on dead, well-rotted wood from which the bark has been removed (decorticated). It appears in groups or clusters, often in dense rows in a crack in the wood. It obtains its nutrients from decaying plant matter (saprobic).

The fruiting body is fan-shaped or spatula-shaped, to 1 (10 to 25 mm) tall, 316 to (5 to 10 mm) wide. It has a rubbery to gelatinous texture and it can be yellowish-orange to orange or reddish-orange to orange. There is a cylindrical, stalk-like base but the stalk cannot be differentiated from the rest of the structure.

The flesh is edible but too small, insubstantial, and bland to bother with.

The spore print is yellow.


Similar Species

Habitat and Hosts

Dead, debarked wood




July through October


Distribution Map



4, 7, 26, 29, 30, 77.




Widespread but not common

  Phylum Basidiomycota (club fungi)  
  Kingdom Fungi (fungi)  
  Subkingdom Dikarya  
  Phylum Basidiomycota (club fungi)  
  Subphylum Agaricomycotina (jelly fungi, yeasts, and mushrooms)  
  Class Dacrymycetes  







This fungus was originally described as Merulius spathularia in 1822. It was moved to the newly created genus Dacryopinax in 1948 based on the spatula-like shape of the fruiting body. A later taxonomic analysis of the family Dacrymycetaceae (McNabb, RF, 1965) showed that it is not closely related to the type species of that genus. A recent study (Alvarenga GL and Gibertoni TB, 2021) proposed moving three species, including Dacryopinax spathularia, to the genus Dacrymyces based on DNA analyses.




Cantharellus spathularia

Cantharellus spathularius

Dacryopinax spathularia

Guepinia spathularia

Guepiniopsis spathularia

Masseeola spathulata

Merulius spathularius


Common Names


Fan-shaped Jelly Fungus










A term often used for saprotrophic fungi. Referring to fungi that obtain their nutrients from decayed organic matter.







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Wendy Cain


growing on old cut wood originating from the property

    Fan-shaped Jelly Fungus      
    Fan-shaped Jelly Fungus   Fan-shaped Jelly Fungus  






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  acryopinax spathularia jelly fungus (Fungi - Dacrymycetaceae)

May 22, 2015

Dacryopinax spathularia - syn.Guepinia spathularia - jelly fungus - Fungo Geléia (Fungi - Basidiomycota - Dacrymycetes - Dacrymycetales - Dacrymycetaceae) Fungo alaranjado, Biodiversidade, Biodiversity, Nature videos, Vídeos de Natureza, Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, Santa Catarina, Brasil

Synonyms: Merulius spathularius, Guepinia spathularia, Cantharellus spathularius, Guepiniopsis spathularia

Agradecimentos pela ajuda na Taxonomia para Taynah França

original videos filmings, 3D modelings, arts animations created and directed by Diego da Cruz Pereira (DiegoDCvids)

  Dacryopinax Spathularia - Fungi
Ant Lad

Sep 15, 2018

Collected 4 of these, all growing, there is a fifth one now aswell. These are an edible jelly fungi and often grow in clusters. You will usually find these on your steps outside, your deck, rotting wood in general, etc. I hope you have enjoyed this!

Just a young lad who likes ants!


  Dacryopinax spathularia jelly fungus (fungi-Dacrymycetaceae)
Raj Kumar

Jun 28, 2021




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  Wendy Cain

Location: Rolling Prairie, Indiana 46371

growing on old cut wood originating from the property

Fan-shaped Jelly Fungus  




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