Greenfoot Fibrecap

(Inosperma calamistratum)

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Greenfoot Fibrecap
Photo by Honey Fae (Farah)
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Greenfoot Fibrecap is an uncommon, small to medium-sized, gilled mushroom. It occurs in Europe and North America, and there are scattered records in Asia, Australia, and Central America. In the United States it occurs in the east from Maine to North Carolina, west to Minnesota and Indiana, and in the west it occurs west of the Rocky Mountains from northern Washington to northern California. It is found from June to September in damp forests, alone, scattered, or in small groups. It grows on the ground usually under conifers, sometimes under hardwoods.

When it first appears, the cap is cone-shaped, brown, and dry, and the margins are curved under. As it ages the cap expands and the upper surface breaks up into scales. Mature caps are to 1½ (1 to 4 cm) in diameter and bell-shaped to convex. The upper surface is densely covered with small scales. The margin is usually intact, not split, even on old specimens.

The gills are broad, closely spaced, and brown or colored like the cap but with whitish edges. They may be broadly attached, narrowly attached, or not attached to the stalk.

The stalk is solid, firm, 1½ to 4 (4 to 10 cm) long, and 116to ¼ (2 to 6 mm) thick. It is often curved near the base, and it may be tapered near the base or equal in thickness from top to bottom. The upper half is brown or colored like the cap, pale just near the top. The lower half is greenish-blue or dark grayish-green. Like the cap, it is densely covered with scales, but the scales wash away in the rain. There is no ring.

The flesh is thin and whitish. It has a fishy or spermatic odor and it turns pinkish or wine-red when sliced. The edibility is unknown but eating is not recommended, as it may contain the toxin muscarin.

The spore print is brown.


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4, 24, 26, 29, 30, 77.





  Kingdom Fungi (fungi)  
  Subkingdom Dikarya  
  Phylum Basidiomycota (club fungi)  
  Subphylum Agaricomycotina (jelly fungi, yeasts, and mushrooms)  
  Class Agaricomycetes (mushrooms, bracket fungi, puffballs, and allies)  
  Subclass Agaricomycetidae  
  Order Agaricales (common gilled mushrooms and allies)  
  Suborder Agaricineae  





Inosperma was previously treated as a subgenus of the large genus Inocybe. A recent phylogenetic study (Matheny et al., 2020) showed the included species are more distantly related, and Inosperma was raised to genus level.




Agaricus calamistratus

Inocybe calamistrata


Common Names


Greenfoot Fibrecap

Scaly Inocybe










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Honey Fae (Farah)

    Greenfoot Fibrecap      








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  Honey Fae (Farah)

Location: Duluth, MN


Greenfoot Fibrecap







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