Hairy Curtain Crust

(Stereum hirsutum)

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Hairy Curtain Crust
Photo by Luciearl
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Hairy Curtain Crust is an extremely common, widely distributed, wood decaying, bracket fungi. It is saprobic, occurring on stumps, logs, and sticks of mostly hardwood trees, especially oak. It occasionally occurs on living trees and conifers. It is highly variable in form and color, making positive identification difficult. It may be found in groups, rows, shelves, or dense overlapping clusters.

There is no stalk.

The fruiting body is often a thin, semicircular or fan-shaped, 3 16 to 1½ wide or slightly wider bracket (cap). It is leathery and pliant when moist, rigid when dry. It may be flat, wavy, or curved up at the sides in the shape of a sliced funnel. Sometimes adjacent brackets fuse together forming a lobed shelf up to 4 long or longer. The upper surface is dry and concentrically zoned with different colors and textures. When young and moist it is shades orangish-brown, reddish-brown, tawny, or cinnamon. When dry it is buff to gray. Older specimens may develop greenish shades due to a covering of algae. It is densely covered with velvety or appressed hairs but often hairless or nearly hairless near the margins. As it ages the hairs wear away.

The under surface is smooth or slightly bumpy, with no layer of pores or tubes. It is orange, orangish-buff or tawny to yellow or yellowish-orange with a brownish tinge. It often becomes dark brown to chestnut brown with age.

The flesh is thin, tough, and inedible. When cut, young caps do not bleed a red liquid.

The spore print is white but difficult to obtain.


Similar Species

  False Turkey Tail (Stereum ostrea) caps are usually larger, 2 to 3 wide, and are more prominently zoned in concentric rings of contrasting colors. They usually form individual brackets and do not fuse together. The underside is buff to cinnamon-buff when young.  
Habitat and Hosts

In groups, rows, or dense overlapping clusters on stumps, logs, and sticks of mostly hardwood trees, especially oak. Occasionally on living trees and conifers.




Year round


Distribution Map



4, 7, 24, 26, 29, 30, 77.




Extremely common and widespread

  Kingdom Fungi (fungi)  
  Subkingdom Dikarya  
  Division Basidiomycota (club fungi)  
  Subdivision Agaricomycotina (jelly fungi, yeasts, and mushrooms)  
  Class Agaricomycetes (mushrooms, bracket fungi, puffballs, and allies)  
  Subclass Agaricomycetidae  
  Order Russulales  
  Family Stereaceae  
  Genus Stereum  



Auricularia aurantiaca

Auricularia reflexa

Boletus auriformis

Helvella acaulis

Stereum hirsutum var. cristulatum

Stereum reflexum

Thelephora hirsuta

Thelephora reflexa


Common Names


False Turkey Tail

Hairy Curtain Crust











A term often used for saprotrophic fungi. Referring to fungi that obtain their nutrients from decayed organic matter.

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    Hairy Curtain Crust   Hairy Curtain Crust  





  Pevník chlupatý - Stereum hirsutum
Jiří Laštůvka - Kudláček

Published on Feb 17, 2013

Výskyt leden až prosinec velmi hojně v listnatých lesích na nevápenité půdě, v cerových dubinách, šipákových a teplomilných doubravách, v kyselých doubravách ale i ve vápnomilných a orchidejových bučinách na mrtvých kmenech listnáčů, vzácněji jehličnanů. Je nejedlý.

Google Translation: Incidence January to December abundant in deciduous forests on nevápenité soil, cerových dubinách, šipákových and thermophilic oak woods, oak woods in the acidic but also calcareous beech woods and orchid on dead trunks of deciduous trees, rarely conifers. It's inedible.

  Stereum hirsutum - fungi kingdom
Nineli Lishina

Published on Jan 25, 2015

Stereum hirsutum - fungi kingdom




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jean pierre Piétri

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  Трихаптум двоякий (Trichaptum biforme) и Стереум жестковолосистый (Stereum hirsutum)

Published on Mar 29, 2015




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Location: Cass County

Hairy Curtain Crust  






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