xylenine sallow

(Eupsilia spp.)

xylenine sallow (Eupsilia sp.)
Photo by Alfredo Colon

Xylenine sallows is an unconventional grouping of fourteen genera of moths in the Tribe Xylenini of the subfamily Noctuinae. The term is not commonly used but is adopted here following Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Eastern North America. Xylenine sallows inhabit woodlands and old fields. They are active at night and will come to lights, sometimes in large numbers.

Eupsilia, a genus of xylenine sallows, occurs in Europe, western Asia, and North America. In the United States it is most common east of the Great Plains and in the Pacific Northwest.


There are at least 24 species of Eupsilia worldwide, 8 species in North America north of Mexico, and 4 species in Minnesota.

Xylenine sallows rest with their wings held flat. They overwinter as adults and fly for a short time in the spring. They are active at night and will come to light.


Xylenine sallows are thick-bodied owlet moths. Adults are to 1316 (17 to 21 mm) in length. The forewings are squared off on the outer margin. Caterpillars are up to 1 (3.5 cm) long.

Identifying both adults and caterpillars is difficult. Sometimes adults have to be identified by examining the scales under a microscope, or by examining the male genitalia, also under a microscope. Late instar caterpillars lose much of their distinctive coloration. They are best identified by rearing them to adults.


Distribution Map



21, 24, 27, 29, 30, 71, 75, 82.



Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths)  


  Infraorder Heteroneura  


Noctuoidea (owlet moths and allies)  


Noctuidae (cutworm moths and allies)  


Noctuinae (cutworms or dart moths)  


Xylenini (xylenine sallows)  
  Subtribe Xylenina  

Subordinate Taxa


lost sallow (Eupsilia devia)

Morrison’s sallow (Eupsilia morrisoni)

Sidus sallow (Eupsilia sidus)

straight-toothed sallow (Eupsilia vinulenta)






Common Names


The genus Eupsilia has no common name. The common name for an unconventional grouping of moths in the tribe Xylenini of the subfamily Noctuinae is xylenine sallows, and it is applied here for convenience.














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Alfredo Colon

    xylenine sallow (Eupsilia sp.)   xylenine sallow (Eupsilia sp.)  
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  Alfredo Colon

Location: Woodbury, Minnesota

xylenine sallow (Eupsilia sp.)  
  Alfredo Colon
Summer 2018

Location: Woodbury, Minnesota

xylenine sallow (Eupsilia sp.)  
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