Minnesota Beetles

Order Coleoptera

Coleoptera (beetles) is the order of insects that is characterized by having a biting mouth and two pairs of wings, the outer pair being hardened and meeting in a straight line down the back.

Coleoptera is the largest order in the animal kingdom. There are about 400,000 described species worldwide, about 24,000 species in 131 families in North America north of Mexico. The total number of species, described and undescribed, is probably close to 1,000,000. It is likely that Coleoptera will be split into two or more orders in the future.


Japanese beetle



Recent Additions

Reddish-brown stag beetle


Reddish-brown stag beetle (Lucanus capreolus) is relatively large beetle. It occurs in the United States east of the Great Plains and in adjacent Canadian provinces. It is found around decaying logs and stumps in deciduous forests, parks, and neighborhoods with trees. Larvae feed on decaying wood, adults feed on tree sap. The name “stag beetle” refers to the oversized mandibles on some males that resemble deer antlers. Another common name for this beetle is pinching bug. The mandibles look fierce and are used to fight other males over a female. When confronted, it will rear back threateningly with its mandibles open. However, when handled by humans, it can give no more than a mild pinch.

Adults are reddish-brown and up to 1½ long, not including the mandibles. The antennae have 10 segments, are abruptly bent, and are expanded (clubbed) at the tip. The body appears smooth but is densely covered with very fine punctures. The third and largest segment of each leg is distinctly pale.

  reddish-brown stag beetle  
    Photo by Plannine  

Sunflower tortoise beetle


Sunflower tortoise beetle (Physonota helianthi) is a small leaf beetle. It occurs in the United States east of the Great Plains and in adjacent Canadian provinces. It is uncommon throughout its range.

There are three color phases that each adult undergoes. The teneral adult, freshly emerged from the pupal stage, is soft bodied and dingy white or ivory. The intermediate adult is black and white with numerous spots. This phase lasts about three weeks. The mature adult is entirely iridescent green. The upper thoracic plate and the two hardened wing covers each have a semi-transparent covering over the entire surface.

Both larvae and adults feed on the underside of leaves. They occasionally defoliate the plant and can be a major pest. Larvae carry dried fecal matter over their body, presumably as a form of camouflage. The fecal matter is attached to a forked appendage on the last abdominal segment, and is held suspended over the body.

  sunflower tortoise beetle  

Cocklebur weevil


Cocklebur weevil (Rhodobaenus quinquepunctatus) is a medium-sized snout beetle. It is widespread in the eastern half of the United States. Adults eat the stalks and leaves of cocklebur, ragweed, thistle, ironweed, Joe Pye weed, sunflower, marsh elder, and rosinweed. Larvae bore into the stems and roots of the same species. It is easily controlled and does not occur in numbers high enough to become an agricultural pest.

Snout beetles are identified by their very long snout. Cocklebur weevil is identified by the reddish-orange body; the oval-shaped black spot in the middle of the thorax; and ten black spots on the wing covers that usually merge to some extent with neighboring spots, especially toward the rear.

  cocklebur weevil  
    Photo by Alfredo Colon  

Rhubarb weevil


Rhubarb weevil (Lixus concavus) is a large, easily identified, true weevil. It is common from New Hampshire, south to North Carolina, and west to Utah. It is uncommon in the upper Midwest, including Minnesota. At up to in length and 3 16 in width, it is one of the largest snout beetles in the United States.

Rhubarb weevil adults are active from mid-May to September. They are found on stalks and leaves of thistles, sunflowers, docks, and rhubarb. They are one of only two weevil species that attack rhubarb. They can be a pest to crops of these plants but they are easily controlled.

Snout beetles are easily identified by their long, flattened or cylindrical snout that is at least as long as the pronotum. Rhubarb weevil is easily identified by the bright yellowish bloom on the head, pronotum, and wing covers.

  rhubarb weevil  
    Photo by Alfredo Colon  

Colorado potato beetle


Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) is relatively small for a beetle but relatively large for a leaf beetle. Adults are ¼ to 7 16 long and about wide. The body is oval when viewed from above and dome-shaped when viewed from the side. The wing covers are pale yellow with five black lines on each side. The are no similar species in Minnesota.

Prior to European settlement, the Colorado potato beetle was found only in Colorado and neighboring states. The potato was introduced into North America in the 1600s and began to be widely grown in the early 1700s. By 1840 the potato reached the insects home range. By 1859 the insect had switched to the potato as its preferred host, and by 1874 it had spread all the way to the east coast. It is now present across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Colorado potato beetle is a serious crop pest to potato growers. The insect rapidly evolves resistance to chemical pesticides. Many insecticides that once successfully controlled the beetle are no longer effective.

  Colorado potato beetle  
    Photo by Alfredo Colon  
Other Recent Additions

fireflies (Photuris spp.)

click beetles (Melanotus spp.)

strangalepta flower longhorn beetle (Strangalepta abbreviata)

potato flea beetle (Psylliodes affinis)

imported long-horned weevil (Calomycterus setarius)

grapevine beetle (Pelidnota punctata)

round-necked longhorn beetle (Clytus ruricola)

red-headed flea beetle (Systena frontalis)

  strangalepta flower longhorn beetle  
    Photo by Babette Kis  









This list includes only beetles that have been recorded in Minnesota, but not all of the beetles found in Minnesota.



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abdominal short-winged flower beetle (Heterhelus abdominalis)


abdominal short-winged flower beetle

American carrion beetle

ant-like longhorn beetle


alder borer (Agrilus pensus)

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American carrion beetle (Necrophila americana)


American rose chafer (Macrodactylus subspinosus)


American weevil (Ceutorhynchus americanus)

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ant-like longhorn beetle (Cyrtophorus verrucosus)


argus tortoise beetle (Chelymorpha cassidea)


ash soldier beetle (Rhagonycha fraxini)


Asian longhorned beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis)





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banded longhorn beetle (Typocerus velutinus)


banded longhorn beetle

bean leaf beetle

beech borer

bee-mimic beetle (Trichiotinus assimilis)

black diabrotica

black firefly

black-winged long-horned beetle

blister beetle (Nemognatha sp.)

blistered tumbling flower beetle

blood-winged click beetle

blue-margined ground beetle

bluish borer

bronzed tiger beetle

brown blister beetle

Bruner’s earth-boring scarab beetle

burning blister beetle (Epicauta sp.)


banded net-wing beetle (Calopteron reticulatum)


banded sexton beetle (Nicrophorus investigator)

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bean leaf beetle (Cerotoma trifurcata)

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beech borer (Agrilus obsoletoguttatus)

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bee-mimic beetle (Trichiotinus assimilis)


bidentate leaf beetle (Calligrapha bidenticola)


big sand tiger beetle (Cicindela formosa)


bigeminy lady beetle (Hyperaspis bigeminata)


bilobed soldier beetle (Rhaxonycha bilobata)


black blister beetle (Epicauta pennsylvanica)

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black carpet beetle (Attagenus unicolor)

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black diabrotica (Diabrotica cristata)

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black firefly (Lucidota atra)


blacklegged tortoise beetle (Jonthonota nigripes)


black-margined loosestrife beetle (Galerucella calmariensis)

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black-winged long-horned beetle (Brachysomida nigripennis)

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blister beetles (Nemognatha spp.)

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blistered tumbling flower beetle (Mordellina pustulata)

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blood-winged click beetle (Ampedus sanguinipennis)


blue-headed borer (Agrilus crinicornis)

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blue-margined ground beetle (Pasimachus elongatus)

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bluish borer (Agrilus cyanescens)


boreal long-lipped tiger beetle (Cicindela longilabris)


bowed borer (Agrilus arcuatus)


branch pruner beetle (Psyrassa unicolor)


broad-foreheaded flea beetle (Disonycha latifrons)


bronze birch borer (Agrilus anxius)


bronze borer (Agrilus putillus)


bronze poplar borer (Agrilus liragus)

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bronzed tiger beetle (Cicindela repanda)


brown blister beetle (Zonitis vittigera)


brown leaf weevil (Phyllobius oblongus)


brown leatherwing beetle (Pacificanthia rotundicollis)

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Bruner’s earth-boring scarab beetle (Bolbocerosoma bruneri)


burning blister beetles (Epicauta spp.)


buttercup oil beetle (Meloe americanus)


butternut agrilus (Agrilus junglandis)





























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cabbage curculio (Ceutorhynchus rapae)







cervical tumbling flower beetle

clavate tortoise beetle

clay-colored leaf beetle

click beetle (Family Elateridae)

click beetle (Melanotus sp.)

cocklebur weevil

Colorado potato beetle

convergent lady beetle

crowded flea beetle

cyan long-horned beetle


California calligraphy leaf beetle (Calligrapha californica)


calligrapher beetles (Calligrapha scalaris group)


Canada case-bearing leaf beetle (Exema canadensis)


Canada fire-colored beetle (Dendroides canadensis)


Canada thistle bud weevil (Larinus carlinae)


Carolina cantharid (Rhaxonycha carolina)


carpet beetles (Family Dermestidae)


cattail minute seed weevil (Ceutorhynchus typhae)

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cervical tumbling flower beetle (Mordellistena cervicalis)

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clavate tortoise beetle (Helocassis clavata)

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clay-colored leaf beetle (Anomoea laticlavia)


click beetles (Agriotes spp.)

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click beetles (Family Elateridae)

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click beetles (Melanotus spp.)

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cocklebur weevil (Rhodobaenus quinquepunctatus)

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Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata)


common claybank tiger beetle (Cicindela limbalis)


common eastern firefly (Photinus pyralis)


common willow calligrapha (Calligrapha multipunctata)


complex predaceous diving beetle (Graphoderus perplexus)


concave soldier beetle (Malthodes concavus)


confluent leaf beetle (Calligrapha confluens)


consular jewel beetle (Buprestis consularis)

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convergent lady beetle (Hippodamia convergens)


convex predaceous diving beetle (Desmopachria convexa)


cottonwood leaf beetle (Chrysomela scripta)


crimson saltflat tiger beetle (Cicindela fulgida fulgida)


crimson saltflat tiger beetle (Cicindela fulgida westbournei)

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crowded flea beetle (Ophraella conferta)


crowned soldier beetle (Podabrus diadema)


curved lady beetle (Hyperaspis inflexa)

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cyan long-horned beetle (Gaurotes cyanipennis)



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dark jewel beetle (Dicerca tenebrosa)


dogbane beetle

dogwood agrilus

dogwood twig borer

downy leatherwing

dung beetle (Scarabaeinae)


desmodium leaf-mining beetle (Pachyschelus laevigatus)


disk-marked lady beetle (Hyperaspis disconotata)


diurnal fireflies (Ellychnia spp.)


divided case-bearing leaf beetle (Exema dispar)


dock curculio (Lixus mucidus)

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dogbane beetle (Chrysochus auratus)

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dogwood agrilus (Agrilus cephalicus)


dogwood leaf beetle (Calligrapha philadelphica)

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dogwood twig borer (Oberea tripunctata)

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downy leatherwing (Podabrus tomentosus)

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dung beetle (Subfamily Scarabaeinae)







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eastern Canada soldier beetle (Polemius canadensis)


eastern eyed click beetle

elm borer

end band net-winged beetle

eye-spotted lady beetle

eye-spotted tumbling flower beetle

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eastern eyed click beetle (Alaus oculatus)


eggplant tortoise beetle (Gratiana pallidula)

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elm borer (Saperda tridentata)

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elm calligrapha (Calligrapha scalaris)


emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis)


encircled borer (Agrilus subcinctus)


encircled water scavenger beetle (Enochrus cinctus)

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end band net-winged beetle (Calopteron terminale)


esteemed lady beetle (Hyperaspis proba)


excavated soldier beetle (Rhagonycha excavata)

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eye-spotted lady beetle (Anatis mali)

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eye-spotted tumbling flower beetle (Glipa oculata)











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false click beetles (Family Eucnemidae)


fifteen-spotted lady beetle

firefly (Family Lampyridae)

firefly (Photuris sp.)

firefly (Pyractomena sp.)

flatheaded poplar borer

flea beetle (Tribe Alticini)

flower longhorn beetle (Analeptura lineola)

flower longhorn beetle (Brachysomida bivittata)

flower longhorn beetle (Charisalia americana)

flower longhorn beetle (Grammoptera)

flower weevil (Madarellus undulatus)


false Japanese beetle (Strigoderma arbicola)


fancy dung beetle (Bolbocerosoma farctum)


festive tiger beetle (Cicindela scutellaris)

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fifteen-spotted lady beetle (Anatis labiculata)

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fireflies (Family Lampyridae)

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fireflies (Photuris spp.)

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fireflies (Pyractomena spp.)


flat-headed apple tree borer (Chrysobothris femorata)


flat-headed baldcypress sapwood beetle (Acmaeodera pulchella)


flat-headed hardwood borer (Dicerca divaricata)


flat-headed poplar borer (Dicerca tenebricaa)


flea beetle (Disonycha fumata)

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flea beetles (Tribe Alticini)


flower bud weevil (Nanophyes marmoratus)


flower lebia beetle (Lebia viridis)

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flower longhorn beetle (Analeptura lineola)

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flower longhorn beetle (Brachysomida bivittata)

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flower longhorn beetle (Charisalia americana)

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flower longhorn beetles (Grammoptera spp.)


flower longhorn beetle (Trigonarthris proxima)


flower longhorn beetle (Typocerus deceptus)

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flower weevil (Madarellus undulatus)


flower weevils (Odontocorynus spp.)


forest blister beetle (Nemognatha nemorensis)


fourteen-spotted lady beetle (Propylea quatuordecimpunctata)


fraternal soldier beetle (Podabrus frater)


free predaceous diving beetle (Graphoderus liberus)


fringed diving beetle (Cybister fimbriolatus)


Frost’s borer (Agrilus frosti)













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giant lady beetles (Anatis spp.)


giant lady beetle (Anatis sp.)

gold-and-brown rove beetle

goldenrod leaf beetle

goldenrod leaf miner beetle

goldenrod soldier beetle

gold-mouthed soldier beetle

grape rootworm

grapevine beetle

green immigrant leaf weevil

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gold-and-brown rove beetle (Ontholestes cingulatus)


golden flea beetle (Altica aeneola)


golden tortoise beetle (Charidotella sexpunctata bicolor)

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goldenrod leaf beetle (Trirhabda canadensis)

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goldenrod leaf miner beetle (Microrhopala vittata)

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goldenrod soldier beetle (Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus)

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gold-mouthed soldier beetle (Rhagonycha oriflava)


granulate poplar borer (Agrilus granulatus)


grape flea beetle (Altica chalybea)

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grape rootworm (Neofidia lurida)

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grapevine beetle (Pelidnota punctata)

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green immigrant leaf weevil (Polydrusus formosus)


green june beetle (Cotinis nitida)


guided soldier beetle (Rhagonycha recta)

























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hackberry borer (Agrilus celti)













hermit flower beetle




hispine leaf beetle (Microrhopala xerene)


hairy flower scarab (Trichiotinus piger)


hairy-necked tiger beetle (Cicindela hirticollis rhodensis)


hardy soldier beetle (Silis difficilis)


Harris’s diving beetle (Dytiscus harrisii)


haruspex predaceous diving beetle (Hydaticus aruspex)


hawthorn agrilus (Agrilus cratagei)


hawthorn root borer (Agrilus vittaticollis)

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hermit flower beetle (Osmoderma eremicola)


hickory agrilus (Agrilus otiosus)


hickory bark beetle (Scolytus quadrispinosus)


hispine leaf beetle (Microrhopala excavata cyanea)


hispine leaf beetle (Microrhopala excavata)


hispine leaf beetle (Microrhopala rubrolineata)

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hispine leaf beetle (Microrhopala xerene)


hispine leaf beetle (Sumitrosis rosea)


horsemint tortoise beetle (Physonota unipunctata)



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imported long-horned weevil (Calomycterus setarius)


imported long-horned weevil

impressive meloine beetle

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impressive meloine beetle (Meloe impressus)


ironweed curculio (Rhodobaenus tredecimpunctatus)


ivory-marked borer beetle (Eburia quadrigeminata)







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Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica)

  Japanese beetle  






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Kansas lady beetle (Scymnus kansanus)


Knab’s flea beetle (Altica knabii)





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lacking borer (Agrilus egenus)


lady beetle (Family Coccinellidae)

large rove beetle (Belonuchus rufipennis)


locust borer

longhorned beetle (Neoclytus mucronatus mucronatus)

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lady beetles (Family Coccinellidae)


large rove beetle (Belonuchus formosus)

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large rove beetle (Belonuchus rufipennis)


lateral-lobed soldier beetle (Ditemnus latilobus)


Laurentian tiger beetle (Cicindela denikei)


leaf beetle (Oulema collaris)


limb soldier beetle (Polemius limbatus)


little white tiger beetle (Cicindela lepida)

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locust borer (Megacyllene robiniae)


longhorned beetle (Neoclytus mucronatus mucronatus)

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longhorned beetle (Neoclytus mucronatus mucronatus)


lugubrius lady beetle (Hyperaspis lugubris)



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maculated dung beetle (Aphodius distinctus)


maculated dung beetle

margined burying beetle

margined carrion beetle

May beetle (Phyllophaga sp.)

metallic flea beetle (Altica sp.)

metallic wood-boring beetle (Agrilus sp.)

milkweed stem weevil

Minnesota longhorn beetle

minute seed weevil (Homorosoma sulcipenne)

moon-collared harp ground beetle

multicolored Asian lady beetle


maple agrilus (Agrilus masculinus)

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margined burying beetle (Nicrophorus marginatus)

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margined carrion beetle (Oiceoptoma noveboracense)


marsh gray firefly (Pyractomena linearis)


marsh imp (Pyractomena lucifera)

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May beetle (Phyllophaga spp.)


meadowsweet leaf beetle (Calligrapha spiraea)


metallic flea beetle (Altica ignita)


metallic flea beetles (Altica spp.)


metallic green dung beetle (Canthon viridis)


metallic wood-boring beetle (Agrilus paraimpexus)


metallic wood-boring beetle (Agrilus quadriguttatus)


metallic wood-boring beetle (Agrilus transimpressus)

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metallic wood-boring beetles (Agrilus spp.)

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milkweed stem weevil (Rhyssomatus lineaticollis)

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Minnesota longhorn beetle (Trigonarthris minnesotana)


minute seed weevil (Ceutorhynchus pusio)

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minute seed weevil (Homorosoma sulcipenne)


minute seed weevils (Ceutorhynchus spp.)

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moon-collared harp ground beetle (Amara lunicollis)


mottled tortoise beetle (Deloyala guttata)

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multicolored Asian lady beetle (Harmonia axyridis)

























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neglected minute seed weevil (Ceutorhynchus neglectus)








northern corn rootworm beetle


neglected soldier beetle (Atalantycha neglecta)


nine-spotted lady beetle (Coccinella novemnotata)


notched firefly (Pyractomena sinuata)


northern barrens tiger beetle (Cicindela patruela patruela)

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northern corn rootworm beetle (Diabrotica barberi)


northern soldier beetle (Rhagonycha septentrionis)



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oak twig pruner (Anelaphus parallelus)






ornate harp ground beetle

oval leaf beetle (Rhabdopterus sp.)


oblique-lined tiger beetle (Cicindela tranquebarica)


occidental predaceous diving beetle (Graphoderus occidentalis)


ochre eastern water scavenger (Enochrus ochraceus)


Octavia lady beetle (Hyperaspis octavia)


orange blister beetle (Nemognatha piazata)


Oriental beetle (Exomala orientalis)

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ornate harp ground beetle (Lebia ornata)


Osburn’s borer (Agrilus osburni)

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oval leaf beetle (Rhabdopterus spp.)



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pale green weevil (Polydrusus impressifrons)


pigweed flea beetle

pilose checkered beetle

polished lady beetle

Poplar’s snout weevil

potato flea beetle (Psylliodes affinis)

predaceous diving beetle (Dytiscus sp.)


parenthesis lady beetle (Hippodamia parenthesis)


peacegul borer (Agrilus imbellis)


pedunculate ground beetle (Scarites quadriceps)


Pennsylvania dingy ground beetle (Harpalus pensylvanicus)


Pennsylvania firefly (Photuris pensylvanica)


Pennsylvania flea beetle (Disonycha pensylvanica)

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pigweed flea beetle (Disonycha glabrata)

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pilose checkered beetle (Chariessa pilosa)


pitch-colored predaceous diving beetle (Hydaticus piceus)


pleasing fungus beetle (Triplax thoracica)

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polished lady beetle (Cycloneda munda)

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Poplar’s snout weevil (Lepyrus palustris)


potato flea beetle (Epitrix cucumeris)

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potato flea beetle (Psylliodes affinis)

Profile Photo    

predaceous diving beetle (Dytiscus spp.)


predaceous diving beetle (Hydroporus oblitus)


prominent soldier beetle (Podabrus punctulatus)


punctate-collared soldier beetle (Dichelotarsus puncticollis)


punctured tiger beetle (Cicindela punctulata)


purple tiger beetle (Cicindela purpurea)



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ragweed flea beetle (Ophraella communa)


red milkweed beetle

red-blue checkered beetle

reddish-brown stag beetle

red-headed flea beetle

rhubarb weevil

rose curculio

roundneck sexton beetle

round-necked longhorn beetle


ragweed leaf beetle (Zygogramma suturalis)


raspberry fruitworm beetle (Byturus unicolor)

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red milkweed beetle (Tetraopes tetrophthalmus)


red-blue checkered beetle (Trichodes nutalli)


reddish checkered beetle (Enoclerus rosmarus)

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reddish-brown stag beetle (Lucanus capreolus)


red-femured milkweed borer (Tetraopes femoratus)


red-headed ash borer (Neoclytus acuminatus)

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red-headed flea beetle (Systena frontalis)


red-necked cane borer (Agrilus ruficollis)

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rhubarb weevil (Lixus concavus)


ridged carrion beetle (Oiceoptoma inaequale)


riffle beetle (Macronychus glabratus)

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rose curculio (Merhynchites bicolor)


rose stem girdler (Agrilus cuprescens)


rough hermit beetle (Osmoderma scabra)

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roundneck sexton beetle (Nicrophorus orbicollis)

Profile Photo Video  

round-necked longhorn beetle (Clytus ruricola)


rural soldier beetle (Rhagonycha campestris)


russet alder leaf beetle (Calligrapha alni)


rustic borer (Xylotrechus colonus)









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sand willow flea beetle (Altica bimarginata)


Say blister beetle

seven-spotted lady beetle

silver flower longhorn beetle

single-spotted flea beetle (Disonycha uniguttata)

six-spotted tiger beetle

slender flower longhorn beetle

smooth stag beetle

soldier beetle (Trypherus frisoni)

splendid earth-boring beetle

spotted cucumber beetle

spotted pink lady beetle

strangalepta flower longhorn beetle

striped cucumber beetle

sumac flea beetle

sunflower tortoise beetle

swamp milkweed leaf beetle


sandy tiger beetle (Cicindela limbata nympha)


sandy stream tiger beetle (Cicindela macra macra)


satiny swimming beetle (Rhantus sericans)

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Say blister beetle (Lytta sayi)


Say’s firefly (Pyractomena angulata)


scooped scarab (Onthophagus hecate)


sculptured pine borer (Chalcophora virginiensis)

Profile Photo Video  

seven-spotted lady beetle (Coccinella septempunctata)


short-haired soldier beetle (Dichelotarsus puberulus)


short-winged blister beetle (Meloe angusticollis)


sigil lady beetle (Hyperaspis binotata)


sigil lady beetle (Hyperaspis fimbriolata)


sigil lady beetle (Hyperaspis signata)


signed swimming beetle (Rhantus sinuatus)

  Profile Photo  

silver flower longhorn beetle (Grammoptera subargentata)

Profile Photo    

single-spotted flea beetle (Disonycha uniguttata)


six-marked jewel beetle (Chrysobothris sexsignata)

Profile Photo Video  

six-spotted tiger beetle (Cicindela sexguttata)

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slender flower longhorn beetle (Strangalia famelica solitaria)


small borer (Agrilus parvus)

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smooth stag beetle (Lucanus placidus)


softnecked soldier beetle (Dichelotarsus laevicollis)

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soldier beetle (Trypherus frisoni)


soldier beetles (Rhagonycha spp.)


spinach flea beetle (Disonycha xanthomelas)

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splendid earth-boring beetle (Geotrupes splendidus)


splendid tiger beetle (Cicindela splendida cyanocephalata)

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spotted cucumber beetle (Diabrotica undecimpunctata)

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spotted pink lady beetle (Coleomegilla maculata)


spotted-belly buprestid beetle (Buprestis maculativentris)


spotworm borer (Agrilus acutipennis)


spring tree-top flasher (Pyractomena borealis)


spurious soldier beetle (Podabrus nothoides)


spurleg lady beetle (Brachyacantha dentipes)


spurleg lady beetle (Brachyacantha felina)


squamous minute seed weevil (Ceutorhynchus squamatus)

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strangalepta flower longhorn beetle (Strangalepta abbreviata)


strawberry rootworm (Paria fragariae)


striated jewel beetle (Buprestis striata)

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striped cucumber beetle (Acalymma vittatum)


stripe-necked predaceous diving beetle (Graphoderus fascicollis)

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sumac flea beetle (Blepharida rhois)


sumac stem borer (Oberea ocellata)

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sunflower tortoise beetle (Physonota helianthi)

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swamp milkweed leaf beetle (Labidomera clivicollis)


swampy water scavenger (Hydrobius fuscipes)







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tanbark borer (Phymatodes testaceus)


thistle tortoise beetle

three-lined potato beetle

tomentose burying beetle

toothed click beetle

tortoise beetle (Tribe Cassidini)








two-lined leatherwing


thirteen-spotted lady beetle (Hippodamia tredecimpunctata)

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thistle tortoise beetle (Cassida rubiginosa)


three-lined lema beetle (Lema trivittata)

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three-lined potato beetle (Lema daturaphila)


three-ribbed soldier beetle (Podabrus tricostatus)


three-spotted flea beetle (Disonycha triangularis)


thoroughly-horned soldier beetle (Silis percomis)

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tomentose burying beetle (Nicrophorus tomentosus)


toothed click beetle (Denticollis denticornis)


tooth-bearing soldier beetle (Atalantycha dentigera)


tortoise beetle (Agroiconota bivittata)

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tortoise beetles (Tribe Cassidini)


toy soldier beetle (Rhagonycha tantilla)


triangular false click beetle (Microrhagus triangularis)


tumblebug (Canthon laevis)


tumblebug (Canthon nigricornis)


tumbling mourner (Mordella atrata)


twelve-spotted tiger beetle (Cicindela duodecimguttata)


twice-stabbed lady beetle (Chilocorus stigma)


twig pruner (Anelaphus villosus)


twinned borer (Agrilus geminatus)


two-lined blister beetle (Zonitis bilineata)


two-lined chestnut borer (Agrilus bilineatus)

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two-lined leatherwing (Atalantycha bilineata)



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understriped diving beetle (Dytiscus fasciventris)


understriped diving beetle

unequal tortoise beetle

ursine spurleg lady beetle


undulate lady beetle (Hyperaspis undulata)

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unequal tortoise beetle (Sumitrosis inaequalis)

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ursine spurleg lady beetle (Brachiacantha ursina)















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variegated lady beetle (Hippodamia variegata)


variegated tiffle beetle (Ancyronyx variegatus)


vertical diving beetle (Dytiscus verticalis)


viburnum leaf beetle (Pyrrhalta viburni)


vile soldier beetle (Rhagonycha vilis)


vivid metallic ground beetle (Chlaenius sericeus)



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Wallis’ swimming beetle (Rhantus wallisi)


water scavenger beetle (Tropisternus sp.)

wedge-shaped beetle (Macrosiagon flavipennis)

wedge-shaped beetle (Macrosiagon limbata)

wedge-shaped beetle (Ripiphorus sp.)

weevil (Lixus terminalis)

whirligig beetle (Subfamily Gyrininae)

white-spotted sawyer

winter firefly

wrinkled soldier beetle


Walsh’s soldier beetle (Rhagonycha walshi)


warty leaf beetles (Exema spp.)


water scavenger beetle (Enochrus perplexus)


water scavenger beetle (Tropisternus lateralis nimbatus)

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water scavenger beetle (Tropisternus spp.)


wedge-shaped beetle (Macrosiagon dimidiatum)

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wedge-shaped beetle (Macrosiagon flavipennis)

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wedge-shaped beetle (Macrosiagon limbata)

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wedge-shaped beetle (Ripiphorus spp.)


weedy pond scavenger (Hydrochara obtusata)

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weevil (Lixus terminalis)

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whirligig beetle (Subfamily Gyrininae)


white-fronted lady beetle (Brachyacantha albifrons)

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white-spotted sawyer (Monochamus scutellatus scutellatus)


wide-horned soldier beetle (Polemius laticornis)


willow gall limb borer (Agrilus politus)

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winter firefly (Ellychnia corrusca)


woods predaceous diving beetle (Acilius semisulcatus)

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wrinkled soldier beetle (Podabrus rugosulus)















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yellow blister beetle (Zonitis sayi)


yellow velvet beetle

yellow-horned flower longhorn beetle

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yellow velvet beetle (Lepturobosca chrysocoma)

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yellow-horned flower longhorn beetle (Strangalia luteicornis)


yellow-necked predaceous diving beetle (Liodessus flavicollis)


yellow-collared soldier beetle (Podabrus flavicollis)


yellow-necked soldier beetle (Rhagonycha luteicollis)



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Zimmerman’s minute seed weevil (Ceutorhynchus zimmermanni)





Acalymma vittatum (striped cucumber beetle)

Acilius semisulcatus (woods predaceous diving beetle)

Acmaeodera pulchella (flat-headed baldcypress sapwood beetle)

Agrilus acutipennis (spotworm borer)

Agrilus anxius (bronze birch borer)

Agrilus arcuatus (bowed borer)

Agrilus bilineatus (two-lined chestnut borer)

Agrilus celti (hackberry borer)

Agrilus cephalicus (dogwood agrilus)

Agrilus cratagei (hawthorn agrilus)

Agrilus crinicornis (blue-headed borer)

Agrilus cuprescens (rose stem girdler)

Agrilus cyanescens (bluish borer)

Agrilus egenus (lacking borer)

Agrilus frosti (Frost’s borer)

Agrilus geminatus (twinned borer)

Agrilus granulatus (granulate poplar borer)

Agrilus imbellis (peacegul borer)

Agrilus junglandis (butternut agrilus)

Agrilus liragus (bronze poplar borer)

Agrilus masculinus (maple agrilus)

Agrilus obsoletoguttatus (beech borer)

Agrilus osburni (Osburn’s borer)

Agrilus otiosus (hickory agrilus)

Agrilus paraimpexus (metallic wood-boring beetle)

Agrilus parvus (small borer)

Agrilus pensus (alder borer)

Agrilus planipennis (emerald ash borer)

Agrilus politus (willow gall limb borer)

Agrilus putillus (bronze borer)

Agrilus quadriguttatus (metallic wood-boring beetle)

Agrilus ruficollis (red-necked cane borer)

Agrilus spp. (metallic wood-boring beetle)

Agrilus subcinctus (encircled borer)

Agrilus transimpressus (metallic wood-boring beetle)

Agrilus vittaticollis (hawthorn root borer)

Agriotes spp. (click beetles)

Agroiconota bivittata (tortoise beetle)

Alaus oculatus (eastern eyed click beetle)

Altica aeneola (metallic flea beetle)

Altica bimarginata (metallic flea beetle)

Altica chalybea (grape flea beetle)

Altica ignita (metallic flea beetle)

Altica knabii (metallic flea beetle)

Altica spp. (metallic flea beetle)

Alticini (flea beetle)

Amara lunicollis (moon-collared harp ground beetle)

Ampedus sanguinipennis (blood-winged click beetle)

Analeptura lineola (flower longhorn beetle)

Anatis labiculata (fifteen-spotted lady beetle)

Anatis mali (eye-spotted lady beetle)

Anatis spp. (giant lady beetles)

Ancyronyx variegatus (variegated tiffle beetle)

Anelaphus parallelus (oak twig pruner)

Anelaphus villosus (twig pruner)

Anomoea laticlavia (clay-colored leaf beetle)

Aphodius distinctus (maculated dung beetle)

Atalantycha bilineata (two-lined leatherwing)

Atalantycha dentigera (tooth-bearing soldier beetle)

Atalantycha neglecta (neglected soldier beetle)

Attagenus unicolor (black carpet beetle)

Belonuchus formosus (large rove beetle)

Belonuchus rufipennis (large rove beetle)

Blepharida rhois (sumac flea beetle)

Bolbocerosoma bruneri (Bruner’s earth-boring scarab beetle)

Bolbocerosoma farctum (fancy dung beetle)

Brachiacantha ursina (ursine spurleg lady beetle)

Brachyacantha albifrons (white-fronted lady beetle)

Brachyacantha dentipes (spurleg lady beetle)

Brachyacantha felina (spurleg lady beetle)

Brachysomida bivittata (flower longhorn beetle)

Brachysomida nigripennis (black-winged long-horned beetle)

Buprestis consularis (consular jewel beetle)

Buprestis maculativentris (spotted-belly buprestid beetle)

Buprestis striata (striated jewel beetle)

Byturus unicolor (raspberry fruitworm beetle)

Calligrapha alni (russet alder leaf beetle)

Calligrapha bidenticola (bidentate leaf beetle)

Calligrapha californica (California calligraphy leaf beetle)

Calligrapha confluens (confluent leaf beetle)

Calligrapha multipunctata (common willow calligrapha)

Calligrapha philadelphica (dogwood leaf beetle)

Calligrapha scalaris (elm calligrapha)

Calligrapha scalaris group (calligrapher beetles)

Calligrapha spiraea (meadowsweet leaf beetle)

Calomycterus setarius (imported long-horned weevil)

Calopteron reticulatum (banded net-wing beetle)

Calopteron terminale (end band net-winged beetle)

Canthon laevis (tumblebug)

Canthon nigricornis (tumblebug)

Canthon viridis (metallic green dung beetle)

Cassida rubiginosa (thistle tortoise beetle)

Cassidini (tortoise beetles)

Cerotoma trifurcata (bean leaf beetle)

Ceutorhynchus neglectus (neglected minute seed weevil)

Ceutorhynchus pusio (minute seed weevil)

Ceutorhynchus rapae (cabbage curculio)

Ceutorhynchus spp. (minute seed weevil)

Ceutorhynchus squamatus (squamous minute seed weevil)

Ceutorhynchus typhae (cattail minute seed weevil)

Ceutorhynchus zimmermanni (Zimmerman’s minute seed weevil)

Chalcophora virginiensis (sculptured pine borer)

Charidotella sexpunctata bicolor (golden tortoise beetle)

Chariessa pilosa (pilose checkered beetle)

Charisalia americana (flower longhorn beetle)

Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus (goldenrod soldier beetle)

Chilocorus stigma (twice-stabbed lady beetle)

Chlaenius sericeus (vivid metallic ground beetle)

Chrysobothris femorata (flat-headed apple tree borer)

Chrysobothris sexsignata (six-marked jewel beetle)

Chrysochus auratus (dogbane beetle)

Chrysomela scripta (cottonwood leaf beetle)

Cicindela denikei (Laurentian tiger beetle)

Cicindela duodecimguttata (twelve-spotted tiger beetle)

Cicindela formosa (big sand tiger beetle)

Cicindela fulgida fulgida (crimson saltflat tiger beetle)

Cicindela fulgida westbournei (crimson saltflat tiger beetle)

Cicindela hirticollis rhodensis (hairy-necked tiger beetle)

Cicindela lepida (little white tiger beetle)

Cicindela limbalis (common claybank tiger beetle)

Cicindela limbata nympha (sandy tiger beetle)

Cicindela longilabris (boreal long-lipped tiger beetle)

Cicindela macra macra (sandy stream tiger beetle)

Cicindela patruela patruela (northern barrens tiger beetle)

Cicindela punctulata (punctured tiger beetle)

Cicindela purpurea (purple tiger beetle)

Cicindela repanda (bronzed tiger beetle)

Cicindela scutellaris (festive tiger beetle)

Cicindela sexguttata (six-spotted tiger beetle)

Cicindela splendida cyanocephalata (splendid tiger beetle)

Cicindela tranquebarica (oblique-lined tiger beetle)

Clytus ruricola (round-necked longhorn beetle)

Coccinella novemnotata (nine-spotted lady beetle)

Coccinella septempunctata (seven-spotted lady beetle)

Coccinellidae (lady beetles)

Coleomegilla maculata (spotted pink lady beetle)

Cotinis nitida (green june beetle)

Cybister fimbriolatus (fringed diving beetle)

Cycloneda munda (polished lady beetle)

Cyrtophorus verrucosus (ant-like longhorn beetle)

Deloyala guttata (mottled tortoise beetle)

Dendroides canadensis (Canada fire-colored beetle)

Denticollis denticornis (toothed click beetle)

Dermestidae (carpet beetles)

Desmopachria convexa (convex predaceous diving beetle)

Diabrotica barberi (northern corn rootworm beetle)

Diabrotica cristata (black diabrotica)

Diabrotica undecimpunctata (spotted cucumber beetle)

Dicerca divaricata (flat-headed hardwood borer)

Dicerca tenebrica (flat-headed poplar borer)

Dicerca tenebrosa (dark jewel beetle)

Dichelotarsus laevicollis (softnecked soldier beetle)

Dichelotarsus puberulus (short-haired soldier beetle)

Dichelotarsus puncticollis (punctate-collared soldier beetle)

Disonycha fumata (flea beetle)

Disonycha glabrata (pigweed flea beetle)

Disonycha latifrons (broad-foreheaded flea beetle)

Disonycha pensylvanica (Pennsylvania flea beetle)

Disonycha triangularis (three-spotted flea beetle)

Disonycha uniguttata (single-spotted flea beetle)

Disonycha xanthomelas (spinach flea beetle)

Ditemnus latilobus (lateral-lobed soldier beetle)

Dytiscus fasciventris (understriped diving beetle)

Dytiscus harrisii (Harris’s diving beetle)

Dytiscus spp. (predaceous diving beetle)

Dytiscus verticalis (vertical diving beetle)

Eburia quadrigeminata (ivory-marked borer beetle)

Elateridae (click beetle)

Ellychnia corrusca (winter firefly)

Ellychnia spp. (diurnal fireflies)

Enochrus cinctus (ochre eastern water scavenger)

Enochrus cinctus (water scavenger beetle)

Enochrus perplexus (water scavenger beetle)

Enoclerus rosmarus (reddish checkered beetle)

Epicauta pennsylvanica (black blister beetle)

Epicauta spp. (burning blister beetle)

Epitrix cucumeris (potato flea beetle)

Eucnemidae (false click beetles)

Exema canadensis (Canada case-bearing leaf beetle)

Exema dispar (divided case-bearing leaf beetle)

Exema spp. (warty leaf beetles)

Exomala orientalis (Oriental beetle)

Gaurotes cyanipennis (cyan long-horned beetle)

Geotrupes splendidus (splendid earth-boring beetle)

Glipa oculata (eye-spotted tumbling flower beetle)

Grammoptera spp. (flower longhorn beetle)

Grammoptera subargentata (silver flower longhorn beetle)

Graphoderus fascicollis (stripe-necked predaceous diving beetle)

Graphoderus liberus (free predaceous diving beetle)

Graphoderus occidentalis (occidental predaceous diving beetle)

Graphoderus perplexus (complex predaceous diving beetle)

Gratiana pallidula (eggplant tortoise beetle)

Gyrininae (whirligig beetles)

Harmonia axyridis (multicolored Asian lady beetle)

Harpalus pensylvanicus (Pennsylvania dingy ground beetle)

Helocassis clavata (clavate tortoise beetle)

Heterhelus abdominalis (abdominal short-winged flower beetle)

Hippodamia convergens (convergent lady beetle)

Hippodamia parenthesis (Parenthesis Lady Beetle)

Hippodamia tredecimpunctata (thirteen-spotted lady beetle)

Hippodamia variegata (variegated lady beetle)

Homorosoma sulcipenne (minute seed weevil)

Hydaticus aruspex (haruspex predaceous diving beetle)

Hydaticus piceus (pitch-colored predaceous diving beetle)

Hydrobius fuscipes (swampy water scavenger)

Hydrochara obtusata (weedy pond scavenger)

Hydroporus oblitus (predaceous diving beetle)

Hyperaspis bigeminata (bigeminy lady beetle)

Hyperaspis binotata (sigil lady beetle)

Hyperaspis disconotata (disk-marked lady beetle)

Hyperaspis fimbriolata (sigil lady beetle)

Hyperaspis inflexa (curved lady beetle)

Hyperaspis lugubris (lugubrius lady beetle)

Hyperaspis octavia (Octavia lady beetle)

Hyperaspis proba (esteemed lady beetle)

Hyperaspis signata (sigil lady beetle)

Hyperaspis undulata (undulate lady beetle)

Jonthonota nigripes (blacklegged tortoise beetle)

Labidomera clivicollis (swamp milkweed leaf beetle)

Lampyridae (fireflies)

Larinus carlinae (Canada thistle bud weevil)

Lebia ornata (ornate harp ground beetle)

Lebia viridis (flower lebia beetle)

Lema daturaphila (three-lined potato beetle)

Lema trivittata (three-lined lema beetle)

Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Colorado potato beetle)

Lepturobosca chrysocoma (yellow velvet beetle)

Lepyrus palustris (Poplar’s snout weevil)

Liodessus flavicollis (yellow-necked predaceous diving beetle)

Lixus concavus (rhubarb weevil)

Lixus mucidus (dock curculio)

Lixus terminalis (weevil)

Lucanus capreolus (reddish-brown stag beetle)

Lucanus placidus (smooth stag beetle)

Lucidota atra (black firefly)

Lytta sayi (Say blister beetle)

Macronychus glabratus (riffle beetle)

Macrosiagon dimidiatum (wedge-shaped beetle)

Macrosiagon flavipennis (wedge-shaped beetle)

Macrosiagon limbata (wedge-shaped beetle)

Madarellus undulatus (flower weevil)

Malthodes concavus (concave soldier beetle)

Megacyllene robiniae (locust borer)

Melanotus spp. (click beetles)

Meloe americanus (buttercup oil beetle)

Meloe angusticollis (short-winged blister beetle)

Meloe impressus (impressive meloine beetle)

Merhynchites bicolor (rose curculio)

Microrhagus triangularis (triangular false click beetle)

Microrhopala excavata (hispine leaf beetle)

Microrhopala excavata cyanea (hispine leaf beetle)

Microrhopala rubrolineata (hispine leaf beetle)

Microrhopala vittata (goldenrod leaf miner beetle)

Microrhopala xerene (hispine leaf beetle)

Monochamus scutellatus scutellatus (white-spotted sawyer)

Mordella atrata (tumbling mourner)

Mordellina pustulata (blistered tumbling flower beetle)

Nanophyes marmoratus (flower bud weevil)

Nemognatha nemorensis (forest blister beetle)

Nemognatha piazata (orange blister beetle)

Nemognatha spp. (blister beetles)

Neoclytus acuminatus (red-headed ash borer)

Neoclytus mucronatus mucronatus (longhorned beetle)

Neofidia lurida (grape rootworm)

Nicrophorus marginatus (margined burying beetle)

Nicrophorus orbicollis (roundneck sexton beetle)

Nicrophorus tomentosus (tomentose burying beetle)

Oberea ocellata (sumac stem borer)

Oberea tripunctata (dogwood twig borer)

Odontocorynus spp. (flower weevils)

Oiceoptoma inaequale (ridged carrion beetle)

Oiceoptoma noveboracense (margined carrion beetle)

Ontholestes cingulatus (gold-and-brown rove beetle)

Onthophagus hecate (scooped scarab)

Ophraella communa (ragweed leaf beetle)

Ophraella conferta (crowded flea beetle)

Osmoderma eremicola (hermit flower beetle)

Osmoderma scabra (rough hermit beetle)

Oulema collaris (leaf beetle)

Pachyschelus laevigatus (desmodium leaf-mining beetle)

Pacificanthia rotundicollis (brown leatherwing beetle)

Paria fragariae (strawberry rootworm)

Pasimachus elongatus (blue-margined ground beetle)

Pelidnota Punctata (grapevine beetle)

Photinus pyralis (common eastern firefly)

Photuris pensylvanica (Pennsylvania firefly)

Photuris spp. (fireflies)

Phyllobius oblongus (brown leaf weevil)

Phyllophaga spp. (May beetle)

Phymatodes testaceus (tanbark borer)

Physonota helianthi (sunflower tortoise beetle)

Physonota unipunctata (horsemint tortoise beetle)

Podabrus diadema (crowned soldier beetle)

Podabrus flavicollis (yellow-collared soldier beetle)

Podabrus frater (fraternal soldier beetle)

Podabrus nothoides (spurious soldier beetle)

Podabrus punctulatus (prominent soldier beetle)

Podabrus rugosulus (wrinkled soldier beetle)

Podabrus tomentosus (downy leatherwing)

Podabrus tricostatus (three-ribbed soldier beetle)

Polemius canadensis (eastern Canada soldier beetle)

Polemius laticornis (wide-horned soldier beetle)

Polemius limbatus (limb soldier beetle)

Polydrusus formosus (green immigrant leaf weevil)

Popillia japonica (Japanese beetle)

Propylea quatuordecimpunctata (fourteen-spotted lady beetle)

Psylliodes affinis (potato flea beetle)

Psyrassa unicolor (branch pruner beetle)

Pyractomena angulata (Say’s firefly)

Pyractomena borealis (spring tree-top flasher)

Pyractomena linearis (marsh gray firefly)

Pyractomena lucifera (marsh imp)

Pyractomena sinuata (notched firefly)

Pyractomena spp. (fireflies)

Pyrrhalta viburni (viburnum leaf beetle)

Rhabdopterus spp. (oval leaf beetle)

Rhagonycha campestris (rural soldier beetle)

Rhagonycha excavata (excavated soldier beetle)

Rhagonycha fraxini (ash soldier beetle)

Rhagonycha luteicollis (yellow-necked soldier beetle)

Rhagonycha oriflava (gold-mouthed soldier beetle)

Rhagonycha recta (guided soldier beetle)

Rhagonycha septentrionis (northern soldier beetle)

Rhagonycha spp. (soldier beetles)

Rhagonycha tantilla (toy soldier beetle)

Rhagonycha vilis (vile soldier beetle)

Rhagonycha walshi (Walsh’s soldier beetle)

Rhantus sericans (satiny swimming beetle)

Rhantus sinuatus (signed swimming beetle)

Rhantus wallisi (Wallis’ swimming beetle)

Rhaxonycha bilobata (bilobed soldier beetle)

Rhaxonycha carolina (Carolina cantharid)

Rhodobaenus quinquepunctatus (cocklebur weevil)

Rhodobaenus tredecimpunctatus (ironweed curculio)

Rhyssomatus lineaticollis (milkweed stem weevil)

Ripiphorus spp. (wedge-shaped beetle)

Saperda tridentata (elm borer)

Scarabaeinae (dung beetle)

Scarites quadriceps (pedunculate ground beetle)

Scolytus quadrispinosus (hickory bark beetle)

Scymnus kansanus (Kansas lady beetle)

Silis difficilis (hardy soldier beetle)

Silis percomis (thoroughly-horned soldier beetle)

Strangalepta abbreviata (strangalepta flower longhorn beetle)

Strangalia famelica solitaria (slender flower longhorn beetle)

Strangalia luteicornis (yellow-horned flower longhorn beetle)

Strigoderma arbicola (false Japanese beetle)

Sumitrosis inaequalis (unequal tortoise beetle)

Sumitrosis rosea (hispine leaf beetle)

Systena frontalis (red-headed flea beetle)

Tetraopes femoratus (red-femured milkweed borer)

Tetraopes tetrophthalmus (red milkweed beetle)

Trichiotinus assimilis (bee-mimic beetle)

Trichiotinus piger (hairy flower scarab)

Trichodes nutalli (red-blue checkered beetle)

Trigonarthris minnesotana (Minnesota longhorn beetle)

Trigonarthris proxima (flower longhorn beetle)

Triplax thoracica (pleasing fungus beetle)

Trirhabda canadensis (goldenrod leaf beetle)

Tropisternus lateralis nimbatus (water scavenger beetle)

Tropisternus spp. (water scavenger beetle)

Trypherus frisoni (soldier beetle)

Typocerus deceptus (flower longhorn beetle)

Xylotrechus colonus (rustic borer)

Zonitis bilineata (two-lined blister beetle)

Zonitis sayi (yellow blister beetle)

Zonitis vittigera (brown blister beetle)

Zygogramma suturalis (ragweed leaf beetle)


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If you do not see a linked page for an insect in the list at left, or the insect does not appear in the list, you can still upload a photo or video as an email attachment or report a sighting for that insect. Click on one of the buttons below and type in the common name and/or scientific name of the insect in your photo, video, or sighting. A new page will be created for that insect featuring your contribution.

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Capitalization of Common Names

Insect scientific names are governed by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN). Vernacular (common) names are not. In an attempt to “assure the uniformity of (common) names of common insects” the Entomological Society of America (ESA) published Common Names of Insects and Related Organisms. ESA has no rule or guideline that addresses capitalization of common names. However, the database of common names published by ESA does not capitalize common names. Most other sources, including ITIS, BAMONA, Odonata Central, and the Peterson Field Guides, capitalize common insect names. MinnesotaSeasons.com will adhere to the convention followed by ESA.


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