flea beetles

(Tribe Alticini)

flea beetle (Tribe Alticini)
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Distribution Map



24, 27, 30.



Coleoptera (beetles)  


Polyphaga (water, rove, scarab, long-horned, leaf, and snout beetles)  




Chrysomeloidea (leaf beetles and allies)  


Chrysomelidae (leaf beetles)  


Galerucinae (skeletonizing leaf and flea beetles)  

Flea beetles were formerly treated as the subfamily Alticnae.


Subordinate Taxa


Genus Acallepitrix

Genus Acanthonycha

Genus Acrocrypta

Genus Acrocyum

Genus Afroaltica

Genus Agasicles

Genus Alagoasa

Genus Alema

Genus Allenaltica

Genus Allochroma

Genus Alocypha

Genus Anelytropleurica

Genus Anthobiodes

Genus Aphthonoides

Genus Apraea

Genus Apteropeda

Genus Argopistes

Genus Argopistoides

Genus Argopus

Genus Arrhenocoela

Genus Arsipoda

Genus Asiophrida

Genus Asphaera

Genus Aspicela

Genus Aulacothorax

Genus Ayalaia

Genus Babiohaltica

Genus Batophila

Genus Bechuana

Genus Bellacincta

Genus Bikasha

Genus Biodontocnema

Genus Blakealtica

Genus Blepharida

Genus Bonfilsus

Genus Borbaita

Genus Burumoseria

Genus Cacoscelis

Genus Caeporis

Genus Caloscelis

Genus Cangshanaltica

Genus Capraita

Genus Centralaphthona

Genus Cerataltica

Genus Cerichrestus

Genus Chabria

Genus Chaetocnema

Genus Chalatenanganya

Genus Chaloenosoma

Genus Chaloenus

Genus Chilocoristes

Genus Chlamophora

Genus Chrysogramma

Genus Clavicornaltica

Genus Clitea

Genus Collartaltica

Genus Cornulactica

Genus Crimissa

Genus Cyrsylus

Genus Decaria

Genus Demarchus

Genus Derocrepis

Genus Deuteraltica

Genus Diacacoscelis

Genus Diamphidia

Genus Dibolia

Genus Dinaltica

Genus Diphaltica

Genus Diphaulaca

Genus Diphaulacosoma

Genus Disonycha

Genus Distigmoptera

Genus Docema

Genus Drakensbergianella

Genus Dysphenges

Genus Elithia

Genus Epitrix

Genus Erinaceialtica

Genus Erystus

Genus Euphenges

Genus Euphitrea

Genus Euplectroscelis

Genus Exartematopus

Genus Genaphthona

Genus Gioia

Genus Glenidion

Genus Glyptina

Genus Grammicopterus

Genus Halticorcus

Genus Heikertingerella

Genus Heikertingeria

Genus Hemiglyptus

Genus Hemilactica

Genus Hemiphrynus

Genus Hemipyxis

Genus Hermaeophaga

Genus Hespera

Genus Hildebrandtina

Genus Hippuriphila

Genus Homichloda

Genus Homoschema

Genus Homotyphus

Genus Hyphalticoda

Genus Hypolampsis

Genus Iphitroides

Genus Ivalia

Genus Jacobyana

Genus Kuschelina

Genus Lacpatica

Genus Lacpaticoides

Genus Lactina

Genus Lanka

Genus Lankaphthona

Genus Laselva

Genus Leptophysa

Genus Lipromima

Genus Liprus

Genus Longitarsus

Genus Loxoprosopus

Genus Luperaltica

Genus Luperomorpha

Genus Lupraea

Genus Lythraria

Genus Macrohaltica

Genus Mandarella

Genus Manobia

Genus Manobidia

Genus Mantura

Genus Margaridisa

Genus Maturacaita

Genus Megistops

Genus Meishania

Genus Mellipora

Genus Menudos

Genus Mesodera

Genus Mesopana

Genus Microdonacia

Genus Minota

Genus Mniophila

Genus Mniophilosoma

Genus Monomacra

Genus Myrcinoides

Genus Neocrepidodera

Genus Neodera

Genus Neodiphaulaca

Genus Neoglyptus

Genus Neothona

Genus Nesaecrepida

Genus Nicaltica

Genus Nisotra

Genus Nonarthra

Genus Notomela

Genus Notozona

Genus Ntaolaltica

Genus Ochrosis

Genus Ocnoscelis

Genus Octogonotes

Genus Oedionychis

Genus Omophoita

Genus Ophrida

Genus Orestia

Genus Orestioides

Genus Orthocrepis

Genus Pachyonychus

Genus Palaeothona

Genus Panilurus

Genus Paradibolia

Genus Paralactica

Genus Paralacticoides

Genus Paranaita

Genus Parasyphraea

Genus Parchicola

Genus Pedilia

Genus Phenrica

Genus Philopona

Genus Phrynocepha

Genus Phydanis

Genus Phygasia

Genus Phyllotreta

Genus Phyllotrupes

Genus Physimerus

Genus Physoma

Genus Platiprosopus

Genus Plectrotetra

Genus Pleuraltica

Genus Podagrica

Genus Podagricomela

Genus Podontia

Genus Polyclada

Genus Prasona

Genus Procalus

Genus Propiasus

Genus Protopsilapha

Genus Pseudadorium

Genus Pseudodera

Genus Pseudodibolia

Genus Pseudodisonycha

Genus Pseudolampsis

Genus Pseudoliprus

Genus Pseudorthygia

Genus Psylliodes

Genus Resistenciana

Genus Rhinotmetus

Genus Rhynchasphaera

Genus Roicus

Genus Rosalactica

Genus Sanckia

Genus Sangariola

Genus Scelidopsis

Genus Serraphula

Genus Sesquiphaera

Genus Sinocrepis

Genus Sphaeroderma

Genus Sphaeronychus

Genus Stegnaspea

Genus Stegnea

Genus Strabala

Genus Stuckenbergiana

Genus Suetes

Genus Suffrianaltica

Genus Sutrea

Genus Syphrea

Genus Systena

Genus Taiwanoliprus

Genus Taiwanorestia

Genus Terpnochlorus

Genus Tetragonotes

Genus Toxaria

Genus Trachyaphthona

Genus Trachytetra

Genus Trichaltica

Genus Vilhenaltica

Genus Walterianella

Genus Wanderbiltiana

Genus Warchaltica

Genus Xuthea

Genus Zipangia

karree flea beetles (Genus Blepharidina)

metallic flea beetles (Genus Altica)

Parrot’s feather leaf beetle (Genus Lysathia)

protea flea beetles (Genus Chirodica)

searsia flea beetles (Genus Calotheca)

spurge flea beetles (Genus Aphthona)

studded flea beetles (Genus Crepidodera)

Subtribe Monoplatina






Common Names


Flea beetles














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  I’ve never seen these little guys before. They are mostly on the north side of my property. They are tiny, pinhead size and jump.   flea beetle (Tribe Alticini)  
        flea beetle (Tribe Alticini)  
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  Flea Beetle
Shrikant Kelkar

Published on Feb 13, 2017

Shrikant Kelkar's video clip taken at Kalwa, Maharashtra, India in November 2016

Family : Chrysomelidae ; Subfamily : Galerucinae ; Tribe : Alticini

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Tips on getting control of flea beetles in your garden.

  Flea Beetles
one minute bugs

Published on Jun 26, 2017

Flea beetle damage to plants such as beans and an apricot tree.

Created May 1, 2015.




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Location: Mound, MN

I’ve never seen these little guys before. They are mostly on the north side of my property. They are tiny, pinhead size and jump.

flea beetle (Tribe Alticini)  
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