Minnesota Caddisflies

Order Trichoptera

Trichoptera is the order of caddisflies. They are slender, elongated, moth-like insects. They have two pairs of membranous wings that are held roof-like over the body when at rest; thread-like antennae that are usually as long or longer than the body; and chewing mouthparts with reduced mandibles but very prominent palps. The name of the order is from the Greek trichos and pteron, meaning “hairy” and “wing” respectively. It refers to modified hairs (setae) covering the surface of both the forewings and hindwings of all caddisflies.

There are about 13,600 Trichoptera species in more than 600 genera in 47 families worldwide, about 1,350 species in about 150 genera in 22 families in North America north of Mexico. A recent study (Houghton DC [2012]) confirmed a total of 277 species in 75 genera in 21 families in Minnesota.



  late long-horned caddisfly  
  Photo by Alfredo Colon  
Recent Additions

Late long-horned caddisfly


Late long-horned caddisfly (Triaenodes tardus) is common small caddisfly. It occurs in North America mostly in the east and in the Pacific Northwest. In the United States it occurs from Maine and North Dakota south to Ohio and Kansas, and from Washington to northern California, with scattered records in between and in the south. It is common in Minnesota, where it is the second most widespread caddisfly species. Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) shows more records from Minnesota by far than from any other U.S. state or Canadian province.

The larva is similar in appearance to a caterpillar. They are found in the beds of submerged aquatic plants, both in the still water of wetlands and along the shores of lakes and ponds, and in the fast moving water of rivers and streams. They eat living plant material.

Adults do not feed. They are usually found near the aquatic habitat of the larvae, but may wander up to several miles. They are active at night (nocturnal) and at dusk and dawn (crepuscular). They are attracted to light.

  late long-horned caddisfly  
    Photo by Alfredo Colon  
Other Recent Additions







This list includes only caddisflies that have been recorded in Minnesota, but not all of the caddisflies found in Minnesota.

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Algonquin park microcaddisfly (Hydroptila quinola)


American humpless caddisfly (Brachycentrus americanus)


American long-horned caddisfly (Leptocerus americanus)


anagramed microcaddisfly (Mayatrichia ayama)


Argus northern caddisfly (Hydatophylax argus)


ashy long-horned caddisfly (Oecetis cinerascens)


autumn sedge (Neophylax oligius)


beautiful net-spinning caddisfly (Cheumatopsyche speciosa)


bent net-spinning caddisfly (Cheumatopsyche campyla)


bizarre caddisfly (Lepidostoma libum)


blended hood caddisfly (Molanna blenda)


bordered long-horned caddisfly (Triaenodes marginatus)


bronze long-horned caddisfly (Triaenodes flavescens)


brown microcaddisfly (Hydroptila rono)


buttoned net-spinning caddisfly (Hydropsyche sparna)


caddisfly (Protoptila talola)


calm pitot-tube caddisfly (Phylocentropus placidus)


cancelled long-horned caddisfly (Ceraclea cancellata)


clavated microcaddisfly (Ithytrichia clavata)


colonizing microcaddisfly (Hydroptila novicola)


companionable finger-net caddisfly (Chimarra socia)


copious humpless caddisfly (Brachycentrus numerosus)


crosswise long-horned caddisfly (Ceraclea transversa)


daily long-horned caddisfly (Nectopsyche diarina)


dappled long-horned caddisfly (Setodes guttatus)


dark net-tube caddisfly (Lype diversa)


dinky net-tube caddisfly (Psychomyia flavida)


dot-footed long-horned caddisfly (Ceraclea tarsipunctata)


dusky free-living caddisfly (Rhyacophila fuscula)


dusky little caddisfly (Neophylax fuscus)


emigrating microcaddisfly (Hydroptila metoeca)


erotic saddle-case caddisfly (Protoptila erotica)


exposed net-spinning caddisfly (Cheumatopsyche pasella)


foolish net-spinning caddisfly (Hydropsyche morosa)


forceps microcaddisfly (Oxyethira forcipata)


front long-horned caddisfly (Triaenodes frontalis)


frozen trumpet-net caddisfly (Holocentropus glacialis)


gold-winged long-horned caddisfly (Mystacides interjectus)


greedy long-horned caddisfly (Oecetis avara)


grey trumpet-net caddisfly (Plectrocnemia cinerea)


headwaters chilostigman caddisfly (Chilostigma itascae)


heavenly microcaddisfly (Hydroptila valhalla)


icy humpless caddisfly (Micrasema gelidum)


imitating net-spinning caddisfly (Hydropsyche simulans)


improper net-spinning caddisfly (Hydropsyche incommoda)


inconspicuous long-horned caddisfly (Oecetis inconspicua)


indistinct finger-net caddisfly (Chimarra obscura)


inimical northern caddisfly (Nemotaulius hostilis)

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late long-horned caddisfly (Triaenodes tardus)


long-horned caddisfly (Oecetis ditissa)


microcaddisfly (Hydroptila tortosa)


microcaddisfly (Oxyethira itascae)


microspotted northern caddisfly (Ironoquia punctatissima)


neighboring trumpet-net caddisfly (Nyctiophylax affinis)


ornamental net-spinning caddisfly (Hydropsyche phalerata)


Osten’s long-horned caddisfly (Oecetis osteni)


Ozburn’s northern caddisfly (Anabolia ozburni)


painted-foot microcaddisfly (Leucotrichia pictipes)


prickled microcaddisfly (Ochrotrichia spinosa)


radiant long-horned caddisfly (Nectopsyche candida)


rectilinear net-spinning caddisfly (Hydropsyche alhedra)


removed northern caddisfly (Limnephilus secludens)


robed bizarre caddisfly (Lepidostoma togatum)


Rock Island Small Minnow Mayfly ()


Ross’s northern caddisfly (Asynarchus rossi)


rural humpless caddisfly (Micrasema rusticum)


sad trumpet-net caddisfly (Nyctiophylax moestus)


saddle casemaker caddisfly (Agapetus tomus)


salt and pepper microcaddisfly (Agraylea multipunctata)


separated finger-net caddisfly (Dolophilodes distinctus)


short long-horned caddisfly (Ceraclea brevis)


silver-striped northern caddisfly (Hesperophylax designatus)


simple giant caddisfly (Fabria inornata)


slender net-spinning caddisfly (Cheumatopsyche gracilis)


Slosson’s net-spinning caddisfly (Hydropsyche slossonae)


Sprules’s humpless caddisfly (Micrasema sprulesi)


stalked weighted-case caddisfly (Goera stylata)


top net-spinning caddisfly (Parapsyche apicalis)


troubled net-spinning caddisfly (Ceratopsyche vexa)


tube-maker caddisfly (Holocentropus milaca)


two-faced northern caddisfly (Limnephilus janus)


two-toothed net-spinning caddisfly (Hydropsyche bidens)


unhorned microcaddisfly (Oxyethira ecornuta)


Vertrees’s ceraclean caddisfly (Ceraclea vertreesi)


Vulpine long-horned caddisfly (Ceraclea alagma)


Waskesiu microcaddisfly (Hydroptila waskesia)




Watauga humpless caddisfly (Micrasema wataga)


Waubes’ microcaddisfly (Hydroptila waubesiana)


wrong long-horned caddisfly (Triaenodes injustus)


yellow net-spinning caddisfly (Potamyia flava)


yellow-horned hood caddisfly (Molanna flavicornis)


zebra caddisfly (Macrostemum zebratum)


Agapetus tomus (saddle casemaker caddisfly)

Agraylea multipunctata (salt and pepper microcaddisfly)

Anabolia ozburni (Ozburn’s northern caddisfly)

Asynarchus rossi (Ross’s northern caddisfly)

Brachycentrus americanus (American humpless caddisfly)

Brachycentrus numerosus (copious humpless caddisfly)

Brachycentrus occidentalis (western humpless caddisfly)

Ceraclea alagma (Vulpine long-horned caddisfly)

Ceraclea cancellata (cancelled long-horned caddisfly)

Ceraclea tarsipunctata (dot-footed long-horned caddisfly)

Ceraclea transversa (crosswise long-horned caddisfly)

Ceraclea vertreesi (Vertrees’s ceraclean caddisfly)

Ceratopsyche alhedra (rectilinear net-spinning caddisfly)

Ceratopsyche morosa (foolish net-spinning caddisfly)

Ceratopsyche slossonae (Slosson’s net-spinning caddisfly)

Ceratopsyche sparna (buttoned net-spinning caddisfly)

Ceratopsyche vexa (troubled net-spinning caddisfly)

Cheumatopsyche campyla (bent net-spinning caddisfly)

Cheumatopsyche gracilis (slender net-spinning caddisfly)

Cheumatopsyche pasella (exposed net-spinning caddisfly)

Cheumatopsyche speciosa (beautiful net-spinning caddisfly)

Chilostigma itascae (headwaters chilostigman caddisfly)

Chimarra obscura (indistinct finger-net caddisfly)

Chimarra socia (companionable finger-net caddisfly)

Dolophilodes distinctus (separated finger-net caddisfly)

Fabria inornata (simple giant caddisfly)

Glossosoma intermedium (intermediate saddle-case caddisfly)

Glossosoma lividum (bluish saddle-case caddisfly)

Glossosoma nigrior (Black Mountain saddle-case caddisfly)

Goera stylata (stalked weighted-case caddisfly)

Helicopsyche borealis (speckled snail-case caddisfly)

Hesperophylax designatus (silver-striped northern caddisfly)

Holocentropus glacialis (frozen trumpet-net caddisfly)

Holocentropus milaca (tube-maker caddisfly)

Hydatophylax argus (Argus northern caddisfly)

Hydropsyche alhedra (rectilinear net-spinning caddisfly)

Hydropsyche alternans (reciprocating net-spinning caddisfly)

Hydropsyche bidens (two-toothed net-spinning caddisfly)

Hydropsyche bronta (thundering net-spinning caddisfly)

Hydropsyche dicantha (two-edged net-spinning caddisfly)

Hydropsyche incommoda (improper net-spinning caddisfly)

Hydropsyche morosa (foolish net-spinning caddisfly)

Hydropsyche phalerata (ornamental net-spinning caddisfly)

Hydropsyche simulans (imitating net-spinning caddisfly)

Hydropsyche slossonae (Slosson’s net-spinning caddisfly)

Hydropsyche sparna (buttoned net-spinning caddisfly)

Hydroptila metoeca (emigrating microcaddisfly)

Hydroptila quinola (Algonquin park microcaddisfly)

Hydroptila rono (brown microcaddisfly)

Hydroptila tortosa (microcaddisfly)

Hydroptila valhalla (heavenly microcaddisfly)

Hydroptila waskesia (Waskesiu microcaddisfly)

Hydroptila waubesiana (Waubes’ microcaddisfly)

Ironoquia punctatissima (microspotted northern caddisfly)

Ithytrichia clavata (clavated microcaddisfly)

Lepidostoma libum (bizarre caddisfly)

Lepidostoma togatum (robed bizarre caddisfly)

Leptocerus americanus (American long-horned caddisfly)

Leucotrichia pictipes (painted-foot microcaddisfly)

Limnephilus janus (two-faced northern caddisfly)

Limnephilus secludens (removed northern caddisfly)

Lype diversa (dark net-tube caddisfly)

Macrostemum zebratum (zebra caddisfly)

Micrasema gelidum (icy humpless caddisfly)

Micrasema rusticum (rural humpless caddisfly)

Micrasema sprulesi (Sprules’s humpless caddisfly)

Micrasema wataga (Watauga humpless caddisfly)

Molanna blenda (blended hood caddisfly)

Molanna flavicornis (yellow-horned hood caddisfly)

Mystacides interjectus (gold-winged long-horned caddisfly)

Nectopsyche candida (radiant long-horned caddisfly)

Nectopsyche diarina (daily long-horned caddisfly)

Nemotaulius hostilis (inimical northern caddisfly)

Neophylax fuscus (dusky little caddisfly)

Neophylax oligius (autumn sedge)

Nyctiophylax affinis (neighboring trumpet-net caddisfly)

Nyctiophylax moestus (sad trumpet-net caddisfly)

Ochrotrichia spinosa (prickled microcaddisfly)

Oecetis avara (greedy long-horned caddisfly)

Oecetis cinerascens (ashy long-horned caddisfly)

Oecetis ditissa (long-horned caddisfly)

Oecetis inconspicua (inconspicuous long-horned caddisfly)

Oecetis osteni (Osten’s long-horned caddisfly)

Oecetis testacea (long-horned caddisfly)

Oxyethira ecornuta (unhorned microcaddisfly)

Oxyethira forcipata (forceps microcaddisfly)

Oxyethira itascae (microcaddisfly)

Parapsyche apicalis (top net-spinning caddisfly)

Plectrocnemia cinerea (grey trumpet-net caddisfly)

Potamyia flava (yellow net-spinning caddisfly)

Protoptila erotica (erotic saddle-case caddisfly)

Psychomyia flavida (dinky net-tube caddisfly)

Rhyacophila fuscula (dusky free-living caddisfly)

Triaenodes flavescens (bronze long-horned caddisfly)

Triaenodes frontalis (front long-horned caddisfly)

Triaenodes injustus (wrong long-horned caddisfly)

Triaenodes marginatus (bordered long-horned caddisfly)

Triaenodes tardus (late long-horned caddisfly)










































































late long-horned caddisfly



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