braconid wasps

(Family Braconidae)

braconid wasp (Family Braconidae)
Photo by Alfredo Colon

Braconidae is a very large family of narrow-waisted wasps. There are about 17,000 recognized species worldwide and more than that as yet undescribed. Estimates of the total number of species vary widely but it may be between 20,000 and 50,000, or, according to one taxonomist, 120,000. There are about 1,700 species in North America north of Mexico, and at least 293 species in Minnesota.

Most braconid wasps are parasites of other insects or spiders, and most of these kill their hosts. Some create galls on plants.


Adult braconid wasps vary in size from 116 to (2 to 15 mm) in length. Most are brownish or black, sometimes with reddish markings, but not brightly colored. They are very similar in appearance to ichneumonoid wasps (Family Ichneumonidae). They differ in having no recurrent veins or just a single recurrent vein on the forewing.


Distribution Map



24, 27, 29, 30, 82, 83.



Hymenoptera (ants, bees, wasps, and sawflies)  


Apocrita (narrow-waisted wasps, ants, and bees)  




Ichneumonoidea (ichneumonid and braconid wasps)  

Subordinate Taxa


Subfamily Acampsohelconinae

Subfamily Agathidinae

Subfamily Alysiinae

Subfamily Amicrocentrinae

Subfamily Aphidiinae (aphid mummy wasps)

Subfamily Apozyginae

Subfamily Betylobraconinae

Subfamily Blacinae

Subfamily Brachistinae

Subfamily Braconinae

Subfamily Cardiochilinae

Subfamily Cenocoeliinae

Subfamily Charmontinae

Subfamily Cheloninae

Subfamily Dirrhopinae

Subfamily Doryctinae

Subfamily Ecnomiinae

Subfamily Euphorinae

Subfamily Exothecinae

Subfamily Gnamptodontinae

Subfamily Helconinae

Subfamily Histeromerinae

Subfamily Homolobinae

Subfamily Hormiinae

Subfamily Ichneutinae

Subfamily Khoikhoiiinae

Subfamily Lysiterminae

Subfamily Macrocentrinae

Subfamily Masoninae

Subfamily Maxfischeriinae

Subfamily Mendesellinae

Subfamily Mesostoinae

Subfamily Meteorideinae

Subfamily Meteorinae

Subfamily Microgastrinae

Subfamily Microtypinae

Subfamily Miracinae

Subfamily Neoneurinae

Subfamily Opiinae

Subfamily Orgilinae

Subfamily Pambolinae

Subfamily Pselaphaninae

Subfamily Protorhyssalinae

Subfamily Rhysipolinae

Subfamily Rhyssalinae

Subfamily Rogadinae (mummy wasps)

Subfamily Seneciobraconinae

Subfamily Sigalphinae

Subfamily Telengaiinae

Subfamily Trachypetinae

Subfamily Vaepellinae

Subfamily Xiphozelinae

Subfamily Ypsistocerinae






Common Names


braconid wasps














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Alfredo Colon

    braconid wasp (Family Braconidae)      
    braconid wasp (Family Braconidae)   braconid wasp (Family Braconidae)  








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  Alfredo Colon

Location: Albany, NY

braconid wasp (Family Braconidae)  
  Alfredo Colon
9/3 to 9/5/2019

Location: Woodbury, MN

braconid wasp (Family Braconidae)  
  Alfredo Colon

Location: Woodbury, Minnesota

braconid wasp (Family Braconidae)  






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