(Oncopsis spp.)

leafhopper (Oncopsis sp.)
Photo by Alfredo Colon

Oncopsis is a large genus of typical leafhoppers. It occurs in Europe, Asia, and North America. In the United States it occurs in the east from Maine to South Carolina, west to Minnesota and Illinois. It also occurs on the West Coast from northern Washington to southern California.

There are 81 Oncopsis species worldwide, at least 30 species in North America north of Mexico, and at least 5 species in Minnesota.


Adults and nymphs are found on trees in the genera Betula, Alnus, Carpinus, Corylus, and Ulmus.


The face is longer than wide or as wide as long.

The exoskeletal plate on the first segment of the thorax (pronotum) is densely and conspicuously grooved (striate). The striations are irregular, wrinkle-like, and are parallel with the rear margin of the pronotum.

The forewing has 2 or 3 small, interior (anteapical) cells before the cells at the wingtip.

There are two subgenera of Oncopsis. In subgenus Oncopsis, the face is longer than wide, and the forewing has 3 anteapical cells. In subgenus Parasitades, the face is as wide as long, and the forewing has 2 or 3 anteapical cells.

Identification to species level is sometimes difficult, requiring microscopic examination of the male genitalia.


Distribution Map



24, 27, 29, 30, 82, 83.



Hemiptera (true bugs, hoppers, aphids, and allies)  


Auchenorrhyncha (true hoppers)  


Cicadomorpha (spittlebugs, cicadas, leafhoppers and treehoppers)  


Membracoidea (leafhoppers and treehoppers)  


Cicadellidae (typical leafhoppers)  





Subordinate Taxa


leafhopper (Oncopsis abietis)

leafhopper (Oncopsis albicollis)

leafhopper (Oncopsis alni)

leafhopper (Oncopsis aomians)

leafhopper (Oncopsis appendiculata)

leafhopper (Oncopsis arizona)

leafhopper (Oncopsis aurantiaca)

leafhopper (Oncopsis aureostria)

leafhopper (Oncopsis avellanae)

leafhopper (Oncopsis baileyi)

leafhopper (Oncopsis californica)

leafhopper (Oncopsis caliginosa)

leafhopper (Oncopsis carpini)

leafhopper (Oncopsis cinctifrons)

leafhopper (Oncopsis citra)

leafhopper (Oncopsis citrella)

leafhopper (Oncopsis cognata)

leafhopper (Oncopsis coloradensis)

leafhopper (Oncopsis concurrens)

leafhopper (Oncopsis crispae)

leafhopper (Oncopsis deluda)

leafhopper (Oncopsis dentata)

leafhopper (Oncopsis despectus)

leafhopper (Oncopsis discrepans)

leafhopper (Oncopsis dorsalis)

leafhopper (Oncopsis enopsis)

leafhopper (Oncopsis fitchi)

leafhopper (Oncopsis flavicollis)

leafhopper (Oncopsis flavidorsum)

leafhopper (Oncopsis flavovirens)

leafhopper (Oncopsis fumosa)

leafhopper (Oncopsis furvus)

leafhopper (Oncopsis fusca)

leafhopper (Oncopsis incidens)

leafhopper (Oncopsis infumata)

leafhopper (Oncopsis insignifica)

leafhopper (Oncopsis interior)

leafhopper (Oncopsis ivanovae)

leafhopper (Oncopsis juglans)

leafhopper (Oncopsis juno)

leafhopper (Oncopsis kogotensis)

leafhopper (Oncopsis kuluensis)

leafhopper (Oncopsis lata)

leafhopper (Oncopsis mali)

leafhopper (Oncopsis marilynae)

leafhopper (Oncopsis melichari)

leafhopper (Oncopsis mica)

leafhopper (Oncopsis minor)

leafhopper (Oncopsis monticola)

leafhopper (Oncopsis nepalensis)

leafhopper (Oncopsis nigrinasi)

leafhopper (Oncopsis nigritus)

leafhopper (Oncopsis nitobei)

leafhopper (Oncopsis obstructa)

leafhopper (Oncopsis ochotensis)

leafhopper (Oncopsis omogonis)

leafhopper (Oncopsis plagiata)

leafhopper (Oncopsis planiscuta)

leafhopper (Oncopsis prairiana)

leafhopper (Oncopsis prolixa)

leafhopper (Oncopsis punctatissima)

leafhopper (Oncopsis quebecensis)

leafhopper (Oncopsis sardescens)

leafhopper (Oncopsis sepulcralis)

leafhopper (Oncopsis sobria)

leafhopper (Oncopsis speciosa)

leafhopper (Oncopsis subangulata)

leafhopper (Oncopsis subangulatus)

leafhopper (Oncopsis sulphurea)

leafhopper (Oncopsis tadzhicus)

leafhopper (Oncopsis tangenta)

leafhopper (Oncopsis tenuifoliae)

leafhopper (Oncopsis testacea)

leafhopper (Oncopsis tortosa)

leafhopper (Oncopsis towadensis)

leafhopper (Oncopsis trimaculata)

leafhopper (Oncopsis tristis)

leafhopper (Oncopsis truncata)

leafhopper (Oncopsis variabilis)

leafhopper (Oncopsis vartyi)

leafhopper (Oncopsis wagneri)






Common Names


This genus has no common name. The common name of the family Cicadellidae is leafhoppers, and it is applied here for convenience.











The exoskeletal plate on the upper side of the first segment of the thorax of an insect.



Striped or grooved in parallel lines (striae).






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Alfredo Colon

    leafhopper (Oncopsis sp.)      
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  Alfredo Colon

Location: Woodbury, MN

leafhopper (Oncopsis sp.)

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