(Cyrtolobus spp.)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus sp.)
Photo by Alfredo Colon

Cyrtolobus is a relatively large, New World genus of typical treehoppers. It occurs in the Western Hemisphere from southern Canada south to Ecuador. It occurs throughout most of the continental United States, but it is completely absent from the northwest quarter of the country. It is relatively common and sometimes locally abundant in Minnesota.

Cyrtolobus is the largest genus in the tribe Smiliini in North America. There are about 43 Cyrtolobus species worldwide, about 40 species in North America north of Mexico, and at least 12 species in Minnesota.


Adults are found in Minnesota from early May to mid-July in deciduous and mixed woodlands. They feed on the plant juices of several species of trees. In Minnesota they feed mostly on oaks, but also on American hophornbeam and hickory. In other areas they also feed on American chestnut, American sycamore, beech, and sweetgum.

Cyrtolobus species have one generation per year. They are solitary and are rarely attended by ants.


Male and female Cyrtolobus treehoppers have distinctly different forms. Within populations, there is considerable variation in both color and markings on the exoskeletal plate covering the thorax (pronotum). Nevertheless, the shape, color, and markings of the pronotum are used to identify the species. For these reasons, identifying an individual to the species level is often difficult. Females are often easier to identify than males.

The pronotum is very long, extending back over the abdomen. It is only slightly inflated. When viewed from the front, it is compressed in the middle and moderately elevated. When viewed from the side, it is highest behind the humeral notch.

The broad area of the wing (corium) has a cross vein connecting two longitudinal veins.


Distribution Map



24, 27, 29, 30, 82, 83.



Hemiptera (true bugs, hoppers, aphids, and allies)  


Auchenorrhyncha (true hoppers)  


Cicadomorpha (spittlebugs, cicadas, leafhoppers and treehoppers)  


Membracoidea (leafhoppers and treehoppers)  


Membracidae (typical treehoppers)  





Subordinate Taxa


treehopper (Cyrtolobus acuminatus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus acutus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus arcuatus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus arizonae)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus auroreus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus celsus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus cinctus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus cinereus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus clarus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus coronatus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus discoidalis)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus dixianus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus fenestratus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus flavolatus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus frigidus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus fuliginosus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus funkhouseri)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus fuscipennis)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus gloveri) *

treehopper (Cyrtolobus gramatanus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus gratiosus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus griseus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus inermis)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus limus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus maculifrontis)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus maxinei)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus oblongatus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus ovatus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus pallidifrontis)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus parvulus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus pictus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus pulchellus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus puritanus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus rufulus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus sculptus) *

treehopper (Cyrtolobus togatus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus tuberosus)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus vanduzii)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus vau)

treehopper (Cyrtolobus viridis) *

treehopper (Cyrtolobus woodruffi)


* Probably a synonym of another species






Common Names


None of the North American Cyrtolobus species have a common name, nor does the genus itself. The common name of the family Membracidae is typical treehoppers, and it is applied here for convenience.














The thickened basal portion of the front wing that lies between the clavus and the membrane of insects in the family Hemiptera. Plural: coria.



The exoskeletal plate on the upper side of the first segment of the thorax of an insect.






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Alfredo Colon

    treehopper (Cyrtolobus sp.)      








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  Alfredo Colon

Location: Woodbury, MN

treehopper (Cyrtolobus sp.)







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