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Vitis riparia






Moist. Floodplain forests, wooded swamps, upland woods, riverbanks, thickets, and roadsides. Full sun.


Late spring

Flower Color

Greenish-white or greenish-yellow


6 to 24 when sprawling




This is a high-climbing, 6 to 24 tall when sprawling, perennial, woody vine rising from a taproot.

The vine of the current season is green to gray or brown, lightly ridged, and hairless or lightly hairy. When they mature they become covered with reddish-brown bark. On old growth the bark sheds in long, thin strips. It extends up to 50.

Tendrils form opposite most leaves but are lacking every third leaf.

The leaves are alternate, yellowish-green, 4 to 8 wide, round to egg-shaped, and lobed with a heart-shaped base. They are on long leaf stalks. The lobing pattern is highly variable, even on the same plant, but they are usually divided into 3 forward-pointing lobes. Leaf margins are sharply toothed. Young leaves are hairless on the upper side, hairy on the underside. As they mature the undersides become green and hairless except for tufts of short, soft hairs in the vein axils and sometimes along the veins.

Male and female flowers are found in separate inflorescences on the same plant. The inflorescences are borne opposite most leaves but are lacking every third leaf. They are 2 to 4 long.

Flowers are inconspicuous, tiny, greenish white or greenish-yellow and fragrant. They have 5 petals.

The fruit is a black, purple, or blue, ¼ to ½ thick juicy berry with 2 to 6 seeds. The berry has a whitish, waxy bloom at maturity.


Silverleaf grape (Vitis aestivalis var. bicolor) leaves are whitish on the underside.

Canada moonseed (Menispermum canadense) leaves are bluish-green and untoothed. There are no tendrils. The fruits are poisonous and contain a single, crescent-shaped seed.

Pests and Diseases

Phyllocnistis vitifoliella (no common name)

Distribution Range Map   Sources: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 28.

Afton State Park

Agassiz Dunes SNA

Avon Hills Forest SNA
North Unit

Baker Park Reserve

Big Stone Lake State Park

Blaine Preserve SNA

Blanket Flower Prairie SNA

Blue Devil Valley SNA

Blue Mounds State Park

Bonanza Prairie SNA

Boot Lake SNA

Buffalo River State Park

Bunker Hills Regional Park

Camden State Park

Cannon River Trout Lily SNA

Cannon River Wilderness Area

Carver Park Reserve

Cedar Mountain SNA

Cedar Rock SNA

Chamberlain Woods SNA

Charles A. Lindbergh State Park

Cherry Grove Blind Valley SNA

Chimney Rock SNA

Chippewa Prairie

Clear Lake SNA

Clifton E. French Regional Park

Clinton Falls Dwarf Trout Lily SNA

Cottonwood River Prairie SNA

Crow Wing State Park

Crow-Hassan Park Reserve

Des Moines River SNA

Dodge Nature Center

Elm Creek Park Reserve

Englund Ecotone SNA

Falls Creek SNA

Felton Prairie SNA
Bicentennial Unit

Flandrau State Park

Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park

Fort Ridgely State Park

Franconia Bluffs SNA

Frenchman’s Bluff SNA

Frontenac State Park

Glendalough State Park

Glynn Prairie SNA

Gneiss Outcrops SNA

Great River Bluffs State Park

Greenleaf Lake SRA

Grey Cloud Dunes SNA

Hardscrabble Woods / MG Tusler Sanctuary

Hastings Sand Coulee SNA

Hastings SNA

Helen Allison Savanna SNA

Holthe Prairie SNA

Hyland Lake Park Reserve

Hythecker Prairie SNA

Iron Horse Prairie SNA

John A. Latsch State Park

Joseph A. Tauer Prairie SNA

Kasota Prairie SNA

Kellogg-Weaver Dunes SNA
Weaver Dunes Unit

Kilen Woods State Park

King's and Queen's Bluff SNA

Lake Carlos State Park

Lake Elmo Park Reserve

Lake Maria State Park

Lake Rebecca Park Reserve

Lebanon Hills Regional Park

Lost Valley Prairie SNA

Maplewood State Park

Mary Schmidt Crawford Woods SNA

McKnight Prairie

Mille Lacs Kathio State Park

Mille Lacs Moraine SNA

Minneopa State Park

Minnesota Valley NWR
Louisville Swamp Unit
Rapids Lake Unit

Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area
Lawrence Unit

Monson Lake State Park

Morton Outcrops SNA

Mound Prairie SNA

Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve

Myre-Big Island State Park

Nelson Wildlife Sanctuary

Nerstrand Big Woods State Park

Old Mill State Park

Ordway Prairie

Oronoco Prairie SNA

Osmundson Prairie SNA

Ottawa Bluffs

Partch Woods SNA

Pin Oak Prairie SNA

Pine Bend Bluffs SNA

Prairie Creek Woods SNA

Prairie Smoke Dunes SNA

Racine Prairie SNA

Regal Meadow

Rice Lake Savanna SNA

Rice Lake State Park

Ripley Esker SNA

River Terrace Prairie SNA

Rock Ridge Prairie SNA

Roscoe Prairie SNA

Rushford Sand Barrens SNA

St. Croix Savanna SNA

Sakatah Lake State Park

Savage Fen SNA

Schaefer Prairie

Sedan Brook Prairie SNA

Seminary Fen SNA

Seven Sisters Prairie

Sheepberry Fen

Shooting Star Prairie SNA

Sibley State Park

Spring Creek Prairie SNA

Spring Lake Park Reserve

Strandness Prairie

Townsend Woods SNA

Twin Lakes SNA

Uncas Dunes SNA

Upper Sioux Agency State Park

Whitewater State Park

Whitney Island SNA

Wild Indigo Prairie SNA

Wild River State Park

William O’Brien State Park

Wood-Rill SNA



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Vitaceae (grape)











Vitis riparia var. praecox

Vitis riparia var. syrticola

Vitis vulpina var. praecox

Vitis vulpina ssp. riparia

Vitis vulpina var. syrticola


frost grape

riverbank grape

river-bank grape

wild grape





The upper angle where the leaf stalk meets the stem.

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